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Anthony Spencer Saints Jersey household

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Window tint installation is a simple process. Please read the instructions carefully before beginning your project. You can install the window tint at any ti during the day. Best ti is early morning or late evening Tavon Rooks Saints Jersey , when the glass is cooler.

Do not apply window tint to plastic surfes and to frosted, etched, leaded, crked, holed, or deeply scratched glass.

Steps for Automotive Installation

* Check Tools and Aessories
* Take asures
* Clean the Window
* Cut the window tint
* Wet the Window
* Remove the Liner
* Ple the window tint on the Wet Window
* Squeegee The window tint Carefully And Firmly
* Trim Edges of window tint And Squeegee Dry
* Allow Curing Ti
* Cleaning Directions


* Dawn detergent
* Spray bottle
* Squeegee
* Snap-off utility knife (for cutting)
* Tape asure


Measure your windows dinsions carefully from top to bottom or from left to right.


Spray carefully the window with a mix of detergent and water Joe Morgan Saints Jersey , using the spray bottle. Then, squeegee the water downward to clean the windows thoroughly.Wipe off aumulated water and dirt from the window, with a soft cloth.

The cleaner the window, the better the results.

* CUT THE window tint

Unroll the window tint on a clean, flat surfe. Make sure to cut the window tint 1″ larger than the dinsions of the window.

For larger windows, you may need to install the window tint as you would install wallpaper.


Spray carefully the window with the spray bottle onto the inside surfe of the window until beads of the soapy water run down the glass. If the window bees dry Jamarca Sanford Saints Jersey , rewet it pletely before applying window tint.


The liner is on the outside surfe of the window tint roll. Pill away the liner by atthing o pieces of transparent tape to the front and bk surfes of a corner of the window tint. Press the o pieces of tape firmly together, and then quickly pull them apart to begin separating the clear liner away from the adhesive side of the window tint.

As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the soapy water onto the exposed adhesive. This spray makes the liner separation easier.

Wet window window tint and ple on window adhesive side out. This will hold the window tint while you remove the liner.

Wet your hands with the soppy water before handling the window tint to avoid leaving fingerprints on the adhesive.


Once the clear liner is removed from the window tint, make sure the window and the window tint are wet with soapy water.

Apply the adhesive side of the window tint to the wet glass. Start from the top of the window, and then allow the window tint to gently lay down onto the glass.Handle the window tint carefully at the corners to avoid wrinkles.

Smooth the window tint onto the glass with your hands. You will be able to slide the window tint around and position it correctly while the window and window tint are thoroughly wet.


Make sure the window tint is wet with the soapy water before squeegeeing.

Squeege the water out from the window tint, starting from the top left to the bottom right. Squeegee the window tint in horizontal lines Stanley Jean-Baptiste Saints Jersey , leaving 2″ periter area unsqueegeed.

You can remove large bubbles by puing them with the squeegee. Small bubbles (less than 18″ in diater) ould disappear in a few days.


Use a arp razor blade or utility knife and a 116″ wide guide to trim the window tint around the four periter edges of the window tint. This gap is essential for the proper thermal expansion of the glass and allows you to pletely squeegee the water and air from under the window tint.

Rewet the entire window tint surfe and squeegee again and squeegee very firmly to remove all the water.

If “fingers” appear along any edge, wrap your squeegee with a soft, absorbent cloth and carefully pu the “fingers” toward the edge of the window tint.


The window tint begins to adhere in thirty minutes and fully “cures” over thirty days. Dry, sunny weather speeds curing; wet, cold weather prolongs the curing period. During curing, the window tint may initially look hazy or cloudy; this effect will disappear with ti andor exposure to heat.


Clean the window tint with soapy water and a clean squeegee. Do not useammonia Anthony Spencer Saints Jersey , vinegar, household glass cleaners, paper towels, or brues.

Jose “Manny” Fernando an an expert in window tinting Spokane and Spokane auto detailing Services.

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