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Any one who has ever quit smoking will tell you that cigarette withdrawal symptoms make you want to climb the walls!

Now Im not saying that is true completely across the board because there are methods that reduce the withdrawal problems and thus make quitting much easier. But there are also some ways you can build your body up and reduce the problems.

So how do you reduce your cravings?

Replace your smoking habit with other activities.

If you feel the urge to snack , make it a piece of fruit or sugarless gum.

Keep your hands occupied. Instead of holding that cigarette, try doodling, working crossword puzzles or just holding something in your hand (like a pen or stress ball) that you can play with. The truth is, like a child that sucks its thumb, the act of holding a cigarette and putting it in your mouth brings you comfort. Youve got to replace that comfort with something else.

Avoid extra caffeine.

Dont replace one habit with another. Cigarette withdrawal can make you jittery and caffeine will only make it worse.

Make sure you get enough sleep.

When you get tired you will crave a cigarette or food. Thats because they both provide you with a mini burst of energy. If youve gotten enough sleep you wont need these artificial stimulants.

Keep your tension low.

You can relieve tension these ways: relax by meditating (try a stop smoking hypnosis program like Wendi Friesen), taking a walk , take deep breaths, if possible work out, or soaking in a hot tub.

Find something (like talking to a good friend who doesnt smoke) to help you relax and replace the urge to smoke. Its those times when were alone and obsessing over wanting a cigarette that the temptation overcomes us. Why do you think 12 step programs partner you with a sponsor?

Try to avoid places or things that remind you of smoking. These will tempt you to smoke or eat when you are not hungry.

Keep a journal of your feelings when you are tempted to smoke. Record of where and when you were tempted to smoke. These are your triggers and you can learn to avoid them.

Find something healthy to do to help you avoid the urge to smoke or eat when you are not hungry. Healthy can mean anything from exercise to talking with a friend or going out to a movie. Being sociable will help you to not think about smoking.

Do not panic about some modest weight gain. Some weight gain is normal because for the first time you can taste things.

If the cravings seem overwhelming remember Quitting smoking is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Here is a list of withdrawal symptoms and things you can do to get past this time. Remember this wont last forever.

Headaches: Try a warm shower or bath.

Trouble getting to sleep: Dont drink any caffeine after 6 p.m.

Irregularity: Eat more fiber (raw fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads or cereal) And drink as much cold water a day as you can. The old adage was 6 8 glasses per day. The more water you drink the more you can flush your body of those nasty chemicals youve been putting in it.

Fatigue: Take a nap.

Hunger: Drink water or a sugar free drink. For a snack eat a low calorie snack. Sometimes hunger is just your body saying its thirsty. Drinking water or a sugarcaffeine free drink relieves the hunger without adding extra calories you dont need. And it satisfies your brains need for something to put in your mouth.

Irritable: Try a relaxation technique, or a warm bath or walk.

Coughing: This bothers a lot of people who smoke. Try a cup of warm herbal tea, cough drops etc. As the tars and nicotine leave your body , so will the coughing.

Work at improving your eating habits: This gets easier as your taste returns to normal.

Increase your intake of whole grain products also lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

More lean and low fat dairy products.

Choose low fat and lean foods.

Eat lots of fish, poultry and the like to give you the vitamins and other nutrients you need without the extra calories.

Use a vitamin replacement program like Smoke Deter to help your body replace those nutrients that smoking has deprived you of and to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Ways to discourage the urge to snack:

Leave the table immediately when you are finished.

Brush your teeth immediately, a good habit anyway.

Eat several small meals instead of larger meals. This will curb your between meal hunger.

Dont skip meals. You will gain weight if you do because youll overeat when you finally do sit down to a meal.

Activities that can help:

Physical activity will help control your weight gain as well as make withdrawals easier. Plus just like the old American Indian sweat lodges, the more you sweat the more you purge your body and detoxify it.

Try to get at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity a day. It doesnt have to be done all at once. Look around your home for things to do, gardening, housework , mowing the lawn, etc.
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Leslie Kearney is the owner of http:www.thestopsmokingsource and http:www.thestopsmokingsourceblog. We understand that its hard to stop smoking and want to help you make it permanent! This CAN BE the year you stop smoking! We can help!

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