Runaway 3 — a huge letdown

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Runaway 3 — a huge letdown

Postby Tom S. Fox » Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:20 pm

It is obvious that this is not the Runaway 3 that was originally planned. It doesn’t tie up any of the plot threads left hanging by Dream of the Turtle. The Ameba? The NG-Zero? John Doe? None of those are ever mentioned again. What happened to Sushi, Rutger, Saturno, and the others? We never find out! Instead, we get some stupid ersatz story full of plot holes that is flimsily connected to the second game. How stupid do you think your fans are?

So what happened, Pendulo Studios? Did you write yourself into a corner? Did you want to distance yourself from the science fiction theme and lead Runaway back to its roots? Well, pretending that 90% of the second game never happened and throwing away a promising plot was, at least in my opinion, the wrong way to go!
Tom S. Fox
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