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Use and Potential of Selected Indian Plants Since ancient times a number of Indian medicinal plants have been used globally. There are many references to Indian medicinal plants and trade in spices in a number of historical documents. For instance Matt Besler Jersey , Indian aloe is very widely used in India for cosmetic, medicinal and nutraceutical purposes.1But the antiaging effects of the pickled preparations are unique.2Despite the global reputation of aloe in dermato-cosmetics, the potential as antiaging is still untapped. Similarly, the plant Adhatoda vasica has been extensively studied for cough and the active principles have been known.3 However, the potential for use in bleeding disorders and tuberculosis is untapped. Below said Table cites the clinical uses and the therapeutic potential of 14 selected Indian medicinal plants.4There is a need for an international collaborative effort to explore, on a fast track, the hits provided by clinical observations of astute physicians.

Use and potential of selected Indian plants

Plant name Commonest Ayurvedic usage References Therapeutic potential References

Adhatoda vasica Kasashwasaghna (Antitussive) [50, 51] A ntituberculosis http://www.usasocceronlineshop.com/ , Haemostatic [5254]


Aloe vera Kushtghna (Skin diseases),

(Kumari) Agnidagdha vrana (Burns) [5557] Antidiabetic [58, 59]

Boswellia serrata Shothaghna (Anti inflammatory),

(Shallaki) Grahaghna (Anti spasmodic) [6063] mmunomodulator [64, 65]

Centella asiatica Smritiprada (Memory-enhancing),

(Mandukparni) Kushtaghna (Skin diseases) [6668] Antiaging [69, 70]

Curcuma longa Pramehaghna (Anti-diabetic),

(Haldi) Kandooghna (Anti pruritic) World Cup USA Jersey ,

Vranapaha (Wound healing) [7174] Cancer Prevention [75]

Leptadenia reticulata Stanya (Galactogogue) [76] Anticonjunctivitis [77]


Mucuna pruriens Vrushya (Aphrodisiac) [78] Antiparkinsonism [79]


Ocimum sanctum Pratishyayahara (Anti cold) [80] Anticancer [81, 82]


Picrorrhiza kurroa Kamalahara (Anti-jaundice) [83] Lipid-lowering [84]


Piper longum Shwasakasahara (Anti asthamatic) [85] Antimalarial [86]


Pterocarpus marsupium Mehaghna (Anti-diabetic) [87, 88] Antiinflammatory [89]

Terminalia chebula Anulomana (Mild laxative) [90, 91] Medhya [92]


Tribulus terrestris Ashmarighna (Litholytic) [93] Antiprostatism [94]


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Kaul M.K., editors. RRL(CSIR); Jammu-Tawi: 1996. pp. 5396.

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Aloe vera leaf gel and their role on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Biol. Trace. Elem. Res.

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Nishimura R. Nick Rimando USA Jersey , Kimura Y., Suzuki T. Anti-inflammatory activities of the triterpene acids from the resin of

Boswellia carteri. J. Ethnopharmacol. 2006;107:249253. [PubMed] ; Chevrier M.R., Ryan A.E., Lee

D.Y., Zhongze M., Wu-Yan Z., Via C.S. Boswellia carterii extract inhibits TH1 cytokines and promotes

TH2 cytokines in vitro. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 2005;12:575580. [PMC free article] [PubMed] ;

Vaidya B.G. Nighantu Adarsh, Chaukhambha Bharati Academy Mikkel Diskerud USA Jersey , Vanarasi. 2nd Ed. I. 1998. pp. 266268 ;

Subathra M., Shila S., Devi M.A., Panneerselvam C. Emerging role of Centella asiatica in improving age

related neurological antioxidant status. Exp. Gerontol. 2005;40:707715. [PubMed] ; Rao S.B., Chetana

M., Uma Devi P. Centella asiatica treatment during postnatal period enhances learning and memory in

mice. Physiol. Behav. 2005;86:449457. [PubMed] ; ShJeff Francoeur's name was misspelled when the lineup was post.
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