Runaway 3 - The Twist of fate Overview

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Runaway 3 - The Twist of fate Overview

Postby Jaqo3000 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:40 am

Hello everyone,
I just finished playing the runaway twist of fate and I would like to share my opinion about such game.

1- The game was very short and I was expecting more than that in the line story as the second version of runaway - the dream of a turtle was full of events and a real adventure though it didn't exactly finish the story and we had to wait for the Runaway 3 to complete the whole story.

2- The game crashed in may places ... chapter 2 ... chapter 5 in two places (at the judge place and when taking control of the colonel) and i had to uninstall ... install ...uninstall ... install for how many times i don't remember. This got me very angry and I lost my interest for few weeks couldn't play it.

3- Comparing to the first Runaway - A road adventure I think the twist of fate was disaster in technical issues, because I remember when I started to play the road adventure it was nice to have such excellent story and game style with minimum technical issues.

4- The game contains a serious issue with the sound and really I think sound problems are the easiest to fix ... and If the game was tested properly those issues could have been fixed earlier.

5- I suggest to make an auto saved games in the beginning of each chapter, because every time the game crashed in the beginning of a chapter, I had to start playing from the previous one and waste a lot of time.

6- The installed patch also didn't solve my crashing problem, but it prevented the game from start at all. I had to use 2 different PCs and laptop to play this game. So I think it's matter of compatibility thing.

7- The only thing that help in continue the game with the crashing problems i faced, is the saved games i download them from internet, otherwise I could never get out of the crashing points.

8- Salut to all who worked in this game, but please try to fix the crashing issues and the sound issues .... or even develop a new version of the game if this is possible.

9- Before publish any more games like that, please test … test and test it for several times with different kinds of PCs and laptops.

Thanks and keep the good job. :D
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