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semi flush chandelier tiffany lamp prices

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City College sheds light on social justice Students from the support movement for Ayotzinapa, Mexico, expand on types of changes in an open forum on March 26 in building V-101. The panel expands and diversifies with those representing similar causes, such as, topics arising in Palestine and American Black culture. Photo credit: Richard Lomibao Mayra Almaraz tearfully recounted how her ex-boyfriend is serving a life sentence for a botched robbery due to the three strikes law. Almaraz shared her story in MS-462 during the afternoon session of the second day of the first Social Justice and Education Conference held at San Diego City College on March 26 and 27. Attendees were asked to get into groups of four to six and each member of a group to state what they are passionate about in society to illustrate the power of conversation to bring about social justice During a brief sit-down with City College President Anthony Beebe, he expressed what he wanted attendees of the conference to get from it — to know that City College is a national leader of social justice, social justice is not political or economic, and to help define social justice as a unified idea to positively impact the communities of City College and San Diego. "Community colleges started out with a mission of social justice. The whole idea of having open doors for all who are interested in learning was a new concept when they started back in the early 1900s," Beebe said. "The social justice conference is really all about how education and social justice meet and come together and how they can compliment each other. The idea of us having a social justice conference at a community college makes a lot of sense." Day 1 Each day of the conference opened with registration and self-serve breakfast outside the Saville Theatre. Registration consisted of attendees going to the tables set up in front of the theater and once their name was confirmed, they were given a bag with programs and end of conference surveys. Thursday the conference opened with a ritual led by Erin Charlens, a member of the Umoja Governing Board and Ernie McCray, a poet, activist and retired principal of of San Diego Unified School District. Beebe welcomed attendees and Constance Carroll, chancellor of San Diego Community College District, was the featured speaker. Day 2 On the second day, the topics of poverty and racial inequality in the educational system was presented by featured speaker Tyrone Howard. Howard is the faculty director of Center X, the founder and director of the Black Institute, and professor of education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. He has written various works on the topic, such as "Why Race and Culture Matters in Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap in America’s Classrooms," and "Race, Ethnicity, & Education." Howard explained that community colleges represent democracy more accurately than other four-year universities. Unlike those universities, community colleges do not require SAT or ACT scores. He compared community colleges with his home school, UCLA, and claimed that UCLA is not representative of the city of Los Angeles nor the entire state of California. Howard demanded that the audience take a look at our institutions. He posed the argument that the same institutions that often claim to help sometimes create the obstacles themselves. "We need to recognize that poverty matters," Howard stated. According to the statistics he presented during his presentation, 50 million people living in the U.S. live in poverty and 16.5 million of those in poverty are children. Of those children who live in poverty, he argued, most of them are more likely to not attend preschool, attend low performing schools and perform worse in school and drop out of high school. "Certain schools feel like prison." It sends a powerful message that we don’t care about you, he argued. He later went on to compare those impoverished institutions to schools in wealthy communities to make a visual statement of the wealth inequality in our institutions. He continued his presentation, talking about race in the educational system. "If educators aren’t going to have real honest, sustained critical conversations about race we are going to continue to see the kind of gap we see between African American and Latino students,’’ Howard explained. ‘’Our series of studies that we’ve done where we have seen schools that have closed the achievement gap, one of the crucial things that they’ve done in these schools is that they’ve taught very delivery about race." Howard reached the end of his speech by presenting his call for action, "What we need is transformative social justice education." He argued that although the obstacles are set by our institutions it does not mean it should stop the youth from educating themselves and that it’s important to, "Reclaim sense of self." He brought up intersectionality and the importance of acknowledging poverty, race, gender and feminism. He ended by remarking the importance of educating ourselves on all these topics. "Believe it or not he’s actually gone through a lot. I mean he grew up in South Central L.A., he knew how everything was like, so at least we have someone who lived to tell about it," Miramar college student and audience member Harris Bhatti said, sharing his insight on the speech and Social Conference overall. table lamps for living room Don’t forget floor lamps when decorating 1 There are a few basic rules to lighting: Make sure each room has three or more sources of light, place light at various heights and ensure that all tasks are well lit. These rules exist to make sure rooms have enough light to see in but also so that they cast enough of a warm glow that you want to be in them. Breaking these rules can ruin a whole room’s design, says Breeze Giannasio, a Malibu, Calif., designer who works in the Washington area. “People will worry about furniture, finishes, flooring, throw pillows – going to town on everything – but if the lighting isn’t right, you can’t see all of the work you’ve done,” she says. Floor lamps are a great way to create that warmth. They can fit in tight spaces in small rooms or brighten a dark corner of a large room. They can add color to a neutral space or pizazz to a dreary one. They can even make up for a lack of overhead lighting. We talked to Giannasio, as well as Washington’s Sally Steponkus, for ideas on using floor lamps to fix some common design dilemmas. For a small space Floor lamps are key for a small space — whether it’s a studio apartment or a suburban house’s sitting room — because they add light without the bulk of a table lamp and end table. They’re even better when they articulate and telescope, so you can adjust the light to shine where you need it. ? Swing lamps are “no-nonsense, and would look great on either side of a couch in a traditional . . . rowhouse,” Giannasio says. You can find them at almost any price point and in any finish, including the brushed steel of World Market’s Chemist’s Floor Lamp ($120, As Giannasio says, “Lighting is the jewelry of the room, and sometimes you put on your handsome studs instead of your amazing chandeliers.” ? Stretch out a classic task lamp and you get the Industrial Task Floor Lamp, which swivels and bends at two joints to accommodate different tasks and room layouts ($199, “I like floor lamps that are adjustable because I like to use them for reading, over the arm of a chair,” Steponkus says. “They’re classic, they’re classy, they work with everything.” ? “Floor lamps in general are versatile because they can fit into narrow spaces,” Giannasio says, and we’re not sure you’ll find a slimmer profile for a tight space than the Brazo LED Floor Lamp’s ($490, It would practically disappear in a room, yet still provide ample (and dimmable) light where you need it. vintage style table lamps for sale ng) and reupholstered a kitchen stool from a charity shop with a sparkly green sweater. “It won’t last for long,” Kormelink says, “but I love the effect for now.” Finishing touches come in the form of vintage ornaments and fabrics: “They are a good way to add colour without it being for ever,” she says. Bungalow outside The couple also got rid of most of the central light fittings, swapping them for dimmable LEDs that wash the walls and ceiling in the living room, and flush circular orbs in the kitchen to warm up the cool colours. The kitchen was another canny buy, made from Ikea carcasses and MDF doors custom made and sprayed for a professional finish. At one stage, Wise was all for having a bright orange kitchen, but Kormelink vetoed it. “The 70s wasn’t just about crazy colours,” she says. Neither, it’s now easy to see, was it about cold-hearted architecture devoid of beauty. House rules Favourite artwork A coffee pot print by Klaas Gubbels in the kitchen. Bahrooms weren’ radiionally very colorful rooms hisorically, hey didn’ end o draw much aenion in he decor or color scheming way. If your bahroom is a radiional mode, you migh fun keeping he color scheme aracive neural creams & whies. The look is no only fresh, bu i's ligh or brigh as well.Glossy red wall iles wih red bah mas are a cheerful and brigh way o add spunk o an oherwise whie bahroom. The color scheme is hospial esque, likely because i emis a clean and germ free aesheic. vintage table lamps Adding a workspace o your bedroom can be a ricky affair, as well as some householders prefer o keep any elecronic diversion away from he bedroom. Ohers, hough, will ell you ha he bedroom is doubless he bes seing in he house o creae a home office ha is privae & free from any disracions. Unlike he living area or he dining room, you have scarce diversions in your own bedroom, also his obviously helps in increasing produciviy plus cuing down on work ime. And urning ha lonely corner in he bedroom ino a compac workspace is a lo easier han you hink.
I was looking at this Lite Source Scallop Contemporary Floor lamp (LS-80130-PS-WHT). It says that the bulbs are not included and I’m not too sure what is a type ?A incandescent bulb e-27 socket Is it fluorescent or is it a regular bulb

Answer: The e-27 socket is just a regular medium base socket (regular Edison bulb).dddddddddddd

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