unique table lamps tiffany lamp prices

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unique table lamps tiffany lamp prices

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Years ago, grilling was about buying a barbeque?grill. That was your only option. Now you can do almost anything. Let's look at a few options:

Viking Barbeque?Grill Island

Sink and faucet

53 inch Viking Barbeque?grill with pro sear element, smoker and rotisserie.? Underneath is a warming drawer.?

Outside refrigerator, designed with stainless steel screws as to not rust (do not place a regular refrigerator outside)

Lynx Island

42 inch grill with rotisserie and pro sear.? Underneath is a storage compartment

Double Side Burner

Trash recepticle

These islands are in the $10,000 plus range. We will be selling a Weber Island at $2999 (hopefully soon).? As I rewrite this, Weber now has the aforementioned barbeque?islands.? Click here to read this newer post.

Have questions about grills in general, try a BBQ Buyers Guide.? The BBQ Buyers Guide compares brands, BTU output and pro grills versus Weber in a simple format.

antique table lamps Philips' Newest Hue Is Two Lights in One Philips' Newest Hue Is Two Lights in One While the Hue lights from Philips are capable of producing more than 16 million shades of colored light, flipping between functional white light and playful colored light can be a bit of a pain. And while the native app's scene selections feature can help to partially alleviate this issue, Philips has just unveiled another option: two bulbs, one fixture. Dubbed the Philips Hue Beyond, this dual function light incorporates a pair of bulbs—one as an uplight, the other facing downwards—both of which are controlled independently via the native app. This may initially seem a bit redundant—I mean, why blow your hard-earned cash on an entirely new light fixture when you can just as easily swap between light palettes using the Hue Tap—but that's only if you plan on using a single light source for multiple functions. antique table lamps value We've already feaured some of he mos awe inspiring oudoor sunken lounge areas, wih oday we ake a look a sep down living rooms or sunken conversaion pis ha bring he magic indoors. Creaing visual ineres as well as a sense of inviing warmh, sunken living areas have a found a new lease on life, hanks o innovaive archiecs who are bringing ogeher he old & he new. http://www.tablelampswalmart.com/kids-table-lamps.html Go for wood on cabine alsocenerpiece for ha beauifully sophisicaed look for your whie kichen. Bis of sainless seel here and here can also add o is glory. You wan somehing more chic? Well, fuchsia is more your color. Here again, don' fill he kichen wih color. The color can pop in your barsools, as well as ligh fixures. Mued black on your island looks sylish as well. No really a huge fan of whie? Try ivory hen. Go for scaered blue and ivory iles for your backsplash and seel ligh fixures. Isn' so loud, bu aracive enough. This is one cool and conemporary mach. contemporary table lamps Warning on electrical cords issued Daily News April 15, 2015 12:00 AM Daily News City of Nanaimo fire investigators are warning residents to keep their fire alarms and electrical cords in good condition and working after two recent residential fires that displaced a total 16 people. The first fire gutted a residential building on the 200-block of Nicol Street on Thursday and affected six people. Investigators say the fire started at the rear of the building near a set of stairs leading to a closed-in porch. Investigators were not able to confirm the cause of the blaze, but "remnants of smoking materials" were found in the area and investigators suspect that the "poorly discarded" materials may have caused the fire. The smoke alarms in the house had also been disabled and removed, say officials. Investigators also said a separate fire on Fifth Street that displaced 10 people resulted from an electrical power cord connected to a table lamp in an upper floor bedroom. In that instance, the fire alarms activated.
A slide-in is really a range without a back guard. They also fit over the cabinet and are more cleanable than a regular freestanding range. Slide-ins are popular, because they accentuate the backsplash. Have a look at some slide-in?applications from our showroom:

Jenn-Air?and?GE Cafe

I admittedly have gone comparison crazy over the last couple weeks, but its a good way for people to understand a category and the differences between products. Slide-ins are an interesting product. People want them in upscale renovations, yet many?manufacturers?market really disappointing products, with these companies being the exception for different reasons.

Jenn-Air was the leader in slide-ins for 20 years, until recently. An ill-fated acquisition from Maytag stopped its development. Whirlpool bought Jenn-Air and has spent 300 million for product development, but mostly?in wall ovens and professional cooking. Other than enhancing burner output and styling, the range really hasn't changed much.

However, Whirlpool lowered the prices and added some aggressive rebates, so it is really competitive. Have to admit, it was an unusual yet successful move. I have never seen a brand repositioning like this in our industry.

GE Cafe is a totally different story. Cafe is another example of a parent company leveraging its brand. There is GE Profile and GE Monogram. GE Cafe fits in the middle. Cafe has different, commercial?styling and really great features like the center griddle burner in the gas slide-in and a second oven underneath the main oven compartment.

Cafe is a success story. GE successfully created this brand?to directly compete in this particular niche.

Jenn-Air vs GE Cafe Gas Slide-In


Jenn-Air JGS8850CDS
$1899(after rebate)

Although Jenn-Air haas two decent power burners at 17K and 15K, Cafe has a 20K and a 17K.dddddddddddd The average professional range has 15-17K BTU burners, so that is?pretty compelling. Cafe also has the second oven and a 8K BTU elongated griddle burner. Jenn-Air?has the warming drawer and just four burners.

The difference in price after rebates?is ~$1100, so it's almost two different categories.

Jenn-Air vs GE Cafe?Electric Slide-In


Jenn-Air JES8850CAS
$1,799?after rebate?
? GE Cafe CS980STSS

The differences in electric are similar to the gas. GE has the fifth warming burner and bridge elements, connecting burners with continuous heat and also the second oven versus Jenn-Air's warming drawer.

Once again, the difference is ~$1,399 between the two products.

As I said in the beginning, Jenn-Air is super aggressive with rebates, so let's look at the two stoves in coordinated packages. Most people are buying slide-ins?with other appliances, so it's worth a look.


Jenn-Air Slide-In Kitchen Package
$4,849 after rebates?
? GE Cafe Slide-In Kitchen Package
$8,099 after rebates

The GE Cafe range is a better range from a feature standpoint without question. The french door is 2 cubic foot larger. Jenn-Air, however, has a better dishwasher (it's really a KitchenAid) and a convection, combination over-the-range microwave versus a regular microwave for the Cafe.

The price difference is $3,249 after rebates. Cafe without question is technically better, but through repricing, rebates and promotion?Jenn-Air becomes a really interesting affordable luxury brand.

Read our Gas Cooking Buying Guide for more information.

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