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Laken Tomlinson Jersey

Postby Yunxiaocuo » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:11 am

News the national grid by 2010 South Africa World Cup Taylor Decker Lions Jersey , not just the worlds football Vanity Fair, the worlds peak air-conditioning brand duel arena.Zhuhai Gree reporter learned from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the venue of Gree air conditioning was recently installed and adjusted all of the performance index of full compliance with the organizing committee requirements. This marks the two-year project in South Africa World Cup bid formally settled air conditioning, central air conditioning represent Gree won the first time a trophy.

Soccer City South Africa World Cup main stadium photos with fans, said during the World Cup this year, although 32 countries worldwide fans and players can once again pitch in the World Cup a realignment of Chinese players, but they can enjoy the air conditioning to provide China fresh air, enjoy the Made in China technology charm, success in life and memory of a memorable tournament.

In early 2008, as participation in projects in South Africa World Cup bid for air conditioning only Chinese brand, Gree air conditioning with advanced technology, flexible design and reliable performance, from a number of competitors in one fell swoop gains a number of important venues, including opening and closing ceremonies and final World Cup main stadium (Soccer City) Darrin Walls Jersey , World Cup officials to office building (the South African Football Association Building, SAFA House), the World Cup competition Sinaba training gymnasium. It is the first time Chinas central air conditioning project successful World Cup Main Stadium.

In addition, the Gree Electric also has won South Africas Gauteng province, including high-speed rail projects (Gautrain), Protea chain hotels, including seven key infrastructural projects of the World Cup conditioning program, a handful have the ability to World Cup provide food, housing, transportation, event one-stop services to the air-conditioning brand. Among them, Gauteng Province, the continents high-speed rail is the first high iron, it is coherent and Johannesburg International Airport and the capital Pretoria Wallace Gilberry Jersey , South Africas political, economic, and diplomatic artery.

It is understood that South Africa is located in the southern section of the African continent, is a savannah climate, the maximum temperature difference between day and night, nearly 20 degrees Celsius. Central air conditioning system to ensure efficient operation, Gree R & D pioneered by an independent electric auxiliary heat, digital multi-joint heat recovery, remote real-time intelligent monitoring and other advanced technologies, which greatly improved the air conditioning system, reliability and intelligence Not only can the audience in the most comfortable temperature, watch the game, and make complex electrical equipment in the most suitable temperature environment, and stable operation of highly appreciated by the organizing committee.

In order to make international friends truly experience the excellent quality of Chinese products Lamar Holmes Jersey , in the war on the eve of the World Cup, a senior R & D personnel by the Gree technical team composed of a special trip to South Africa, on the main World Cup venue, the South African Football Association Building, Gauteng Province, High Speed Rail All air-conditioning projects such as the final system commissioning and testing. Gree air conditioning running all current stable, quietly waiting for the World Cup witnessed the passionate opening and closing ceremonies and finals and other major historical moment.

In recent years, Gree Electric Appliances adhere to independent innovation, the explosive growth of scientific and technological achievements, repeatedly breaking the technical barriers. In 2002, the successful capture of Japanese companies Gree spent 16 years developing a multi-joint central air-conditioning techniques; in 2005, the first Made in China centrifugal chiller and the worlds first ultra-low-temperature digital multi-joint unit in Georgia electrical power line; in October 2009, Gree independent research and development of new high efficiency centrifugal chillers come out, the maximum COP (EER) reached 9.18 Alex Carter Jersey , higher than the original 30% energy saving over similar products, is by far the most energy efficient large-scale Central air conditioning.

Currently, Gree Electric Appliances already has nine major series, more than 1,000 varieties and specifications of the central air conditioning products, has not only mastered the centrifuge group, screw machine and other large central air conditioning products in the core technology and production processes, but also in the ultra-low temperature heating, intelligent Defrost and other cutting-edge technology surpasses that of competitors, the international refrigeration industry, a new force can not be ignored.

In the technology area, while the success achieved formidable style, Gree air conditioning in the international market is also conquering a city, often gains an international large-scale projects. In 2007 Laken Tomlinson Jersey , the successful Beijing Olympic Games Media Village, air-conditioning projects; in 2008, won the bid worth 20 million dollars in Indias telecom base station project, Chinas air industry was its own brand in overseas markets, winning the largest amount of a project. In the just concluded another major football tournament – 2009 Angola, African Cup, the Gree central air conditioning in the main stadium Lubango defending champion Egypt witnessed the whole process.

National Peoples Congress, said Dong Mingzhu, President Gree, Gree demonstrated the Chinese companies not only be a good maker, also have the ability to become good creator; and large-scale international sports events lasting bonds to Gree accumulated more experience of international large-scale projects to enhance the Gree international competitiveness of central air conditioning; Gree and athletes will continue with careful preparatio?p>
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