The slag double-stage crusher is recorded

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The slag double-stage crusher is recorded

Postby meishengchao » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:25 am

Slag two-stage crusher is one of severe crushing equipment, so we must pay attention to safety in the process of use, according to use standard operation, switch machine order never made a mistake. The safety production of slag double-stage crusher is as follows:Vacuum gasification furnace for tool steel
1.Before starting the two-stage pulverizer, check the lubrication system to see if it needs to be relubricated, wear and tear, and check whether new accessories need to be replaced. Adjust the tension of the belt to see that there is no need to replace, and all the bolts are carefully checked to be fixed. Ensure no residue in the cavity.

2.Start the two-stage grinder oil pump motor for 5-10 minutes, check the working conditions of the lubrication system, and start the main motor after normal operation.Atmosphere Or Vacuum Brazing Furnace

3.The two-stage pulverizer must be idle for 20 minutes, ensuring that no abnormal conditions are followed before starting the feed. During the period, the feeding speed must be constant, the feed amount must be average, and not too long, so that the equipment is in a state of overload and the wear rate of the two-stage grinder is accelerated. Thus the service life of the equipment is reduced.

4.To complete the work, before the normal shutdown, must stop the feed first, after the slag double-stage crusher pulverizing the material in the cavity, then shut off the equipment, and finally cut off the total power supply.
In addition, the two-stage crusher in the process of work, need to have special staff to check at any time, any anomalies found someone to stop immediately, then used for troubleshooting.Mae in China Lifting t e high temperature ental own sintering furnace
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