The mining machinery takes the environmental route

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The mining machinery takes the environmental route

Postby meishengchao » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:11 am

Mining machinery takes environmental protection course, along with the national policy efforts in infrastructure construction have gradually increased, the urbanization of used the laying of a new, high-speed rail and highway, west development project implementation, and metallurgy, chemical industry, water conservancy, coal and other aspects of the maintenance and construction, wide face of market and the surge in demand, stimulate the hot development of mining machinery industry.
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And green environmental protection has become a key at the same time, green environmental protection, low carbon life has become a current melody of the development of the world, all walks of life are all in the low carbon environmental protection on the basis of the development of circular economy, the road of sustainable development.
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Crushing machinery industry and the whole production and development of mining machinery industry must also follow this rule, in promoting the quality of products, improve production efficiency at the same time, we should pay attention to reduce the energy consumption and environmental pollution, strive for the green production, in order to realize sustainable development.
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