2018 Steel Pentium 5 strong

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2018 Steel Pentium 5 strong

Postby meishengchao » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:12 am

<p>In 16 years, the billet price rose to become the steel market to buy and sell the first half of this week there is still some construction sites in the lead time, coupled with the price rise, end-user and middleman procurement enthusiasm is still high, the transaction is more active, under Half weeks As the Spring Festival approaching, the volume shrinks significantly.Hoja De Acero VCM Del Grano Cepillado Metal De Moda</p>
<p>Next week is the last complete trading week before the Spring Festival. The construction site will basically be shut down. The merchants will also gradually leave the market. The market transactions will gradually turn into a standstill. Some steel enterprises are required to complete the completed projects and the projects that have started to be suspended. Not started the project may not start construction. The intensive fermentation of capacity-generating policies has again made the expected contraction in supply a focus of attention in the market and has also become the most important driver of the rise in domestic steel prices.CHINA BEST price stainless steel round rod price per kg</p>
<p>This week coking coal, coke prices fell slightly, iron ore, billet prices rose turmoil, the basic steel prices and steel prices fluctuate. This week the West of the steel index rose 40 yuan / ton, cost index rose over the same period 30 yuan / ton, the current average domestic steel manufacturer reached 352 yuan / ton, most steel enterprises profit margins are still good.Cheap Decorative Industry 316 stainless steel sheet for sale</p>
<p>From the steel price point of view, this week leading sheet metal Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other mills continue to raise prices in February, the leading steel building materials company in mid-January rebar prices unchanged, showing that steel miner will still strong willingness, steel The high price of the market price movements will form a certain support. In late December 2016, the average daily output of crude steel at major steel enterprises was 1,663,800 tons, an increase of 08,200 tons or 0.49% over the previous ten-month period.Stainless Steel Hexagonal Tubing</p>
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