steel market is up for a moment, down is the new normal

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steel market is up for a moment, down is the new normal

Postby meishengchao » Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:57 am

<p>With the recent fall in steel prices, the overall market shrinking significantly in the local market, brokers also reduce the enthusiasm of stockpiling. Some cities in the near future regulatory policies to further tighten the property market, increasing the market bearish expectations. And the snail social inventory further increased, the overall market demand will be further weakened, bifocal steel cost support is also reduced, narrowing the profit margins of steel prices, the spot steel market is expected to remain stable weak adjustment, the local market decline of 20-80 Yuan / tonne monitoring data also showed that last week the national steel market inventories rose for the fifth consecutive week, and the largest increase in nearly five weeks.Fabricante De Tubos De Acero Inoxidable Delgada Pared 201 304 321</p>
<p>The current inventory level increased by 4.42% YoY, the first time this year that stocks have risen year on year. "In the downturn in demand, businesses shipping difficult circumstances, the current market inventory has entered a passive stage of rising, the steel price will form a certain suppression." In addition, "as coking coal production continued to rise, the end of the supply shortage, excessive coal prices, the coke price dropped significantly, the cost of steel dropped, and the steel price thus fell back."Hot Rolled 202 Stainless Steel coil price Per Ton</p>
<p>For the trend of steel prices "The current market is more optimistic about the future, the lack of supply decline, therefore, the short term downward trend in steel prices is difficult to end." "The drop in steel prices in the past has reduced the cost of winter storage and helped boost the willingness of storage, which is beneficial to the healthy operation of the market after the Spring Festival. It is estimated that with the recovery of demand and the progress of de-capacitying activities expected after the holiday, the price of steel is still expected to return to the previous period High. "q235 steel iron sheet price</p>
<p>The reasons for the drop in price are many. On the one hand, it is an increase in the previous period that is too high and too high to meet the callback demand itself. On the other hand, the futures market has experienced a sharp drop in profits and losses. In addition, Production and other news has been digested, the overall market sentiment weakened. More importantly, the signals of "steady" monetary policy released by the Central Economic Work Conference show that deleveraging, squeezing the bubble and risk prevention will be the main themes of monetary policy in the future. Capital liquidity will inevitably be affected to some extent. This is also the result of the recent collapse of commodity futures One of the main factors.China descuento proveedor descuento tuber��a de acero de la cubierta</p>
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