Chinese incense burner culture

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Chinese incense burner culture

Postby meishengchao » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:52 am

The centipede has an azure sky with three unicorns on the neck and a square inscription on the front. It is a regular script inscription, marked with a production date of six years (Yuan Wuzong to Year Two, 1309). Incense burner shape huge, huge surface of the accumulation of glaze, shining jewel, highlighting the extraordinary style, in fact, the Yuan Dynasty Jun porcelain rare treasures.

Peacock blue glaze incense burner Ming and later porcelain

Furnace for the straight mouth, wide lips, straight neck within the bundle, flat drum belly, three bags of feet; neck with a pair of ribbon ear. Peacock blue glaze, part of the spalling, lion button and the bottom exposed tire.
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Choi Yun Yunlong three-legume incense Ming Wanli porcelain

This censer is a three-legged melon edge belly high furnace, Ling round table covered, covered with a beast. Instrument table with green, red, ocher, yellow, green, purple and black painted dragon, cloud pattern, colorful bright, compact layout, neck, "Ming dynasty Wanli" blue section of the section on both sides of blue and red and green The same color back to the pattern.
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Gold lacquered lacquered incense burner Qianlong Qianlong porcelain

The incense burner for the mouth, ears, four feet, covered with plastic beast, pearl to open the light inside painted pastel flowers, lips and ears along the end of the mouth of the foot paint gold, structured, magnificent.
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