Ancient copper incense burner

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Ancient copper incense burner

Postby meishengchao » Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:53 am

Ming Dynasty Xuande three years in March, due to see the Temple of the emperor Ting Temple furnishings Ding Yi despicable style, then to Siam tribute wind mill copper imitation of a large number of ancient cast incense burner, from outside to use, and awarded the two kings and civilizations Yamen use, the first production of the number of 117, 3,365. The second round of interviews in November of that year required the reclaiming of 15,686 pieces, totaling 20,049 pieces and the pieces recorded. It is known as the "Xuande Furnace".
Xuande furnace with its quaint style, the essence of copper, gold refining one hundred, Bao color connotation, pearl appearance, faint Mu Mu, Jade Mill gold, hidden skin between, if the ice of the morning, luminous Ying Ying Toru, back to non-other things can be compared (Note: Ming Xiangzijing <Xuan Lu Bo theory>), because of its essence of fine beauty, after casting imitation casting public, Ming and Qing Dynasties especially. Qing Zhang Chao said in his "Singer Note": "Declare a furnace, then up 盁 o division, Mo after no successor, ------ hate pseudo-tripod, invincible, non-giant eye No one can distinguish, good by the love of many, then the value of its benefits, then the counterfeit Japanese daily ", the cast copper furnace to make" Ming Dynasty Ming dynasty, "Ming style, Wei another censer another cultural landscape.
Xuande Furnace Temple device and the play of the two categories of devices to square and round as the bulk, the temple magnificent looking, it is still as big devices such as Ding Yi, play to the caliber of the three-inch milk-based, in order to Momo Play
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