A long drought every sweet 2017, full of hope in 2018

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A long drought every sweet 2017, full of hope in 2018

Postby meishengchao » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:28 am

<p>In 2016, the domestic steel market is "not the only one, blockbuster": the sluggish steel industry for two years, all kinds of difficulties have been plagued by numerous industry losses; good country in a timely manner to eliminate production capacity, reduce excess production, mergers and acquisitions of large state-owned enterprises, extremely large Large-scale exports, making the steel market back to profitability track. Profit-driven steel industry, and actively respond to the cut-off, cut production policy, and vigorously create high-end steel, making the 2016 steel market has shown a good sign of reversal. Let us take a look at the impact of the steel market because of those?Hoja De Techado De Acero Corrugado De Color Calibre 14</p>
<p>Since November, the black system has repeatedly made its power and the daily limit seems to have become commonplace. The "new high of the year" has also been repeatedly refreshed. As domestic steel has become cheaper in recent years, the volume of exports has also risen by leaps and bounds. Coupled with the depreciation of the renminbi, the stimulus External demand. But what followed was the anti-dumping of various countries on the steel pipe industry, which was particularly serious in recent two years, almost as many as several dozen. The other is that the international environment is not stable. The economic downturn is not over. It can be a challenge for the international exports in the next 1-2 years.steel structure building materials 1</p>
<p>To a certain extent, it is certain that the export volume of the steel pipe industry may further shrink, at least from the consumption point of view, it is difficult to give sufficient impetus to domestic demand and therefore not worthy of being bullish. 25 days and nights, the highest snail on the snail 3278, the relevant species also turned red strong upward. The spot close to the futures, Shiheng, Yongfeng steel market led the market, the biggest single-day ups and downs over 100 yuan / ton, it is difficult to push the market up or down by the actual market conditions to predict the control of the cycle.Prime quality cold hot rolled stainless steel 410 coil</p>
<p>At this point the shortcomings of the spot immediately following the futures began to appear: the operation is no longer limited to the most primitive support supply and demand, more biased towards the promotion of capital. Eyes to December, the Fed rate hike calls and the chances are very high, in order to avoid excessive capital outflows, invisible forces to promote all kinds of "good", so that the capital markets instead concerned about the domestic, the author believes that the futures are fever speculation today , The risk also continues to accumulate, beware of the bulk of the subsequent self-protection evacuated to the capital shell may be empty.Stainless Steel Sheet/Coil Supplier-Miele Metal</p>
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