Energy saving fiber module of electric furnace

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Energy saving fiber module of electric furnace

Postby meishengchao » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:07 am

Product features:
Good thermal stability; good chemical stability; excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance; excellent elastic module is pre pressed state, in lining up after the completion of the expansion of the module to enable seamless lining, and can compensate for fiber lining contraction, in order to improve the insulation performance of fiber lining, good overall performance of ceramic fiber; module installation fast, anchor set in the wall lining noodles, can reduce the anchor material requirements. The thermal insulation design and construction can be carried out according to the different types of customers.Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnace For Brass
Typical applications:
The furnace lining of metallurgical industry is adiabatic; the lining of heat treatment furnace in heat treatment industry is adiabatic; the lining insulation of kiln and other building materials industries such as ceramic, glass, brick and tile kiln, heat insulation of kiln lining of petrochemical industry, other industrial furnace lining.Chinese Manufacturer Vacuum Heat Atmosphere Furnace For Metal 3D Printer
Product technical performance index
Classification temperature 12601400
Product code BYGW-289 BYGW-389 BYGW-489 BYGW-589
Permanent changes in the heating line (%) 1000 c * 24h = -3 * 24h = -3 1100 C 1200 C 1350 c * * 24h = -3 24h = -3
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