Temperature detection and PID regulator

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Temperature detection and PID regulator

Postby meishengchao » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:41 am

Industrial resistance furnace is a kind of common industrial controlled object with nonlinear, large lag and large inertia. The resistance furnace is widely used in the sample melting of the laboratory and the piecewise heating and cooling of the workpiece during heat treatment. Different types of PID regulators can be used to control the temperature in a suitable range according to the different requirements for the temperature accuracy.
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To keep constant temperature control and furnace temperature records do not adopt digital temperature display regulator with PID control display and adjust the temperature, output 0 ~ 10mA DC input control signal as the voltage regulator or thyristor trigger board change thyristor tube conduction angle to adjust the size of output power, can fully meet the requirements, investment low cost, convenient operation and easy maintenance.
For the requirement of high precision of temperature control, complex control system with multi point temperature control and recorded using a small computer control is ideal, with ordinary PC and input and output module of PCI bus control system can replace a plurality of previous digital temperature indicator and controller, which not only realizes the upgrading of equipment, and is completely compatible with the previous equipment.
The analog input and output module of the system using ordinary PC and Huida industrial. The analog input module uses HD-M-A4000 series, and its range is set to 0 ~ 312.5mV, and the temperature signal of thermocouple is collected. The output of simulation is 0 ~ l0mA.Titanium Nitrogen Vacuum Coating Machine
The system software to complete the installation of the driver board, software installation program initialization; thermocouple MV table will be converted into temperature value according to the voltage of thermocouple temperature model, through comparing the value of digital PID deviation as the set value or the curve of a given input program. Because of the pure lag characteristic of resistance furnace, the Dalin control algorithm is adopted in digital PID design, so that the closed-loop transfer function of the system has a first order inertia link with pure lag, which makes the required pure delay time equal to the pure delay time of the controlled object. However, the tuning of PID parameters is rather complicated. Based on the requirement of process stability and accuracy, two-dimensional fuzzy controller is easy to implement in software design and debugging.
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