Incense appraisal

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Incense appraisal

Postby meishengchao » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:08 am

There are many styles of incense burner, there are big, small, square, round, long, short; materials also have copper, iron, tin, stone, ceramics, to show the difference between the price; engraved with different patterns and text, said use Different. Ancestral tablets for the family home, are on the table for the end placed a censer. If Buddhists offer Buddha statues at home, they will not forget to place an incense burner.
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Taoist worshipers also use incense burners, incense burners, a wide range of incense burners, incense burners of different shapes for different locations, burning different incense . Such as the Main Hall of the central or outside the large incense burner Dan, mostly copper and other metal casting or stone, the body engraved with the name of the temple for believers to plug incense purposes. Hall for the table censer, copper, stone or porcelain, for burning sandalwood. Temple of the main hall has a rectangular stove plate, placed a fine burning incense sandalwood incense burner, the plate before hanging embroidery furnace, it is solemn and beautiful, abiding monks incense dedicated; Basilica of the Buddha is completed, such as to To other temple days, the waiter was holding the hob forward, and the monk then went to the temple. Lying incense burner is more suitable for home believers house temples, there are copper, porcelain two, a line of incense below a section of bamboo cut off, lying flat burning incense burners so that the stove will not fly and dirty for the table. Small wood carved Lotus-shaped incense burner, with a long handle.
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Only insert a stick of incense, is the Buddhist ceremony, so that the Lord monks and vegetarians in the hands of Feng, called hand furnace. There are also incense burning incense at the end, the shape of a box-like incense burner, mostly copper cast, divided into three layers, the lower incense burning incense model apparatus, the middle of containing incense, the upper incense; the model is mostly Zhutao "life" or " Hi "word, cast into a continuous pattern of Gang-shaped back, thickness of about 0.40 cm; the incense placed on the model, made of beautiful patterns; lit in the beginning, covered with lid to burn it in order, very elegant This kind of incense burner is rarely used for Buddha or ancestor, and is used in incense burning book.
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