Spring season come steel come back?

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Spring season come steel come back?

Postby meishengchao » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:57 am

<p>Exploring the rising awareness of raw materials markets become more intense. Today, the new single domestic coking market continued rally, coke enterprises mentality is positive, the East China coke market is currently traded smoothly, prices rose after finishing; coke enterprises generally no stock pressure, the transaction smoothly. North China market positive exploration: coke prices in Shanxi Linfen part of the steady upward, the local coke enterprises started slightly improved; Hebei steadily upward, Handan, Xingtai some coke enterprises plan to explore tomorrow 50 yuan / ton, Tangshan low coke High by, coke enterprises still have exploration intentions.curva doblada vuelta del codo del tubo de 180 grados</p>
<p>Come to look at the char market, coking coal market today continued to maintain a stable operating environment. At present, profit margins of steel mills are impressive. Among them, the profit margin per ton of steel billets is 500-600 yuan / ton. Steel mills will continue to maintain high operating rates under the conditions of high profitability. Demand for coke will continue unabated and coke prices continue Bullish, the recent coking plant operating rates have begun to significantly improve, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and other environmental compliance coking plant, started the load have significantly improved or even full-load production.</p>
<p>Coking coal market demand is supported, some of the coal prices have zero inventories, coking coal prices are expected early in April there is bullish expectations. Steel demand is not low, the market traded cheap resources better. , Intraday trading blocked, slot down 30 yuan / ton, I-beam down 20 yuan / ton. Low-cost resources are currently shipping more smoothly. According to statistics, the total output of 12 steel mills in Tangshan is currently 9,500 tons. The current mainstream price angle 3640-3650 yuan / ton, workers 14-20 # 3580 yuan / ton, slot 18-20 # 3550 yuan / ton.SUS 304 rectangular display rack stainless steel tube manufacturer</p>
<p>Afternoon, Tangshan steel, corner tank shipments improved, channel plate up 20 yuan / ton, the current channel 18-20 groove 3570 yuan / ton, the current steel factory bullish attitude of shipment, wait for a steady shipping tomorrow, Pull up. March is a smooth transition in February though it also rose sharply, but overall is also around the price rise in February to maintain, intended to allow customers to accept the market in February, the purchase plan in March at Fewer in February have plans, but the steel market is rapidly changing, most customers are also planning to purchase as they need, personally think that accompanying market or dominated.Oval Pipe Mechanical Properties St52 Steel Pipe</p>
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