Sand and stone crushing production line

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Sand and stone crushing production line

Postby meishengchao » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:53 am

How to do a good job in sand and gravel crushing production line each day when we start production, we all want to by a few minutes first check all equipments for crushing the sand, see if there is a good lubrication bearing, bearing the connection, and whether there is enough oil, check all fastening is completely fixed.Touch Seen PL controller cerami sintering muffle furnace
The belt is good, and it is found that the marked crusher should be replaced in time, with a belt or pulley grease, a clean cloth to wipe his application and; The protection device is good. If the protection device is found to be unsafe, it should be cancelled immediately. Whether ore crushing chamber or other feeding machine sundries, such as ore, or other debris, should be cancelled.
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The crusher is recommended to be checked before the crusher is started, which proves that the mechanical transmission part is normal. The machine is permitted only under load conditions. After starting, if abnormal conditions are found, the operation should be stopped immediately, the abnormal situation must be identified and eliminated, and then the crusher is started again.
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