Steel City "silver four" market is still worrying

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Steel City "silver four" market is still worrying

Postby meishengchao » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:58 am

<p>Looking forward to April, the pressure on the fundamentals of steel market gradually highlights that there is still room for short-term steel market turmoil if the implementation of the production capacity policy and the demand in the traditional peak season are not satisfactory.Coffee Bronze Coated Stainless Steel Plate</p>
<p>Overall, in March the market mainly has the following main lines throughout, as a market pulse or direct or indirect impact. First, there is a need for adjustment in the later period due to the continuous rise of violence in the early period. Coupled with the late release of less than expected demand, prices continue to rise violently cut off the space.APLT filter wire mesh stainless steel 304 plain framed filter mesh flake</p>
<p>Second, the United States to raise interest rates, the central bank's capital across the board to tighten to prevent the outflow of funds, combined with bank end of the month assessment factors, resulting in liquidity too tight capital surface, the spot and the upstream and downstream funds face a comprehensive emergency. Third, the futures market shift positions for the month, 1710 contract was artificially suppressed, with the spread of 1705 contracts reached 200 yuan or more, exacerbating the market volatility, the spot market continues to be bundled with futures, fell space to open.tubo rectangular de acero para mesa con certificado CE</p>
<p>Fourthly, the embankment of confidence level has become the most important part of all the overlay factors. Under the situation that the pre-profits have been locked up, the market's pessimistic psychology prevails and the tempo of low-priced cash-out accelerates. However, it is gratifying to note that when the price dropped to a certain point, the demand for admission to the stores started to increase. Although the price plunged, no cliff-breaking quotations appeared.nice quality ansi b36.19 ss astm a312 tp316l pipe</p>
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