Discussion on the method of adjusting sintering temperature

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Discussion on the method of adjusting sintering temperature

Postby meishengchao » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:04 am

Adjusting the sintering temperature of simple said temperature of each temperature only, but the key is to adjust the temperature region selection, selection and selection of lifting lifting amplitude, according to the experience I give to the sintering temperature adjustment of view, hoping to play the role of casting a brick to attract jade.
One. Choice of timing of regulating sintering temperatureTiN titanium nitride coating equipment
When we need to adjust the sintering temperature, that is the time when the battery's electrical performance and appearance are abnormal, so the first thing I want to do is to observe and analyze the test results. In fact, our main observation is the change of FF, FF can reflect the ohmic contact is in a certain extent, if the filling factor is not ideal, see the series resistance, shunt resistance and reverse current, if the value is not ideal, then it is possible to sintering temperature regulation is not in place, then we can electrical properties adjusting the sintering temperature to improve battery considerations.
Two. Selection of temperature zone of sintering temperatureFoshan high temperature trolley resistance furnace
The sintering furnace is divided into 9 districts, three districts is before the drying zone, mainly to complete the organic components of the slurry evaporation, six area mainly completes the back field and positive sintering, back field is mainly formed of aluminum paste to transition metal and aluminum silicon Aluminum Alloy, it can be said that the formation of silicon and aluminum ohmic contact, positive change is the formation of silver and silicon alloy silver to silver metal, is the key to our sintering silicon ohmic contact silver, because the higher work function of silver, and more difficult than aluminum, and silicon ohmic contact, so when we choose the temperature zone, if the bow piece, aluminum beads and drum kits, first can choose to reduce the 8 zone and 9 zone temperature, combined with 4, 5 and 6 zone temperature, if only the abnormal electrical performance, it mainly regulates the 8 zone and 9 zone temperature, 7 zone temperature with regulation.200kg Capacity Aluminum Scrap Melting Furnace For Ingot Production
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