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Limestone mill powder processing

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:56 am
by meishengchao
Raw limestone are the main components in the natural rock of calcium carbonate, calcined under proper temperature, ruled out after the decomposition of carbon dioxide, the income of the calcium oxide (CaO) as the main ingredients of the product is the lime, also known as quick lime. Generally lumpy, pure white, with impurities in light gray or light yellow. Any natural rock, such as limestone, chalk, dolomite limestone, which is the main component of calcium carbonate, can be used to produce lime.
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The original lime production process is to layer limestone and fuel (wood), and calcinate the fire for a week. With the development of science, the production of quicklime adopts mechanized, semi-mechanized vertical kiln, rotary kiln and boiler. In recent years, the processing of limestone with ultrafine mill has been introduced, and the utilization value and range of quicklime have been improved.
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Use of grinder machining process for limestone: the raw limestone by calcining equipment such as rotary kiln for calcining process, after processing of lime into calcium oxide, the calcium powder through screw conveyor into the host of the mill, the multilayer rollers multiple rings, under the joint action of into ultra-fine lime stone powder, the ultra-fine limestone powder through the effect of wind, transported to storage bin, and collected after the processing of dust removal equipment.
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