2018 stainless steel - low nickel iron

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2018 stainless steel - low nickel iron

Postby meishengchao » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:57 am

<p>As the Spring Festival approached at the beginning of the year, manufacturers were about to leave for holiday and stopped production one after another. The overall market availability was limited. The downstream steel mills frequent maintenance plans and demand expectation tended to be weakened. Zhang Pu said in mid-term that there was no purchase of low- In the context of double weakness, the market as a whole is difficult to deal with and the low-nickel-iron market is dominated by weak and steady operation.Stainless Steel Handrail Railing For Stair</p>
<p>After the holiday by the environmental policy, the factory operating rate is not enough, the output flow of resources is still not adequate, the continued impact of the closure of the nickel ore superimposed in the Philippines, both support the stage of low-nickel ferroalloy market firm operation, the factory price in April went up to 3250 Yuan / nickel near the highest in the first half of 2017.steel bar 160*160*16mm sizes and thickness angle bar</p>
<p>With the end of the Philippines rainy season, the expected increase in shipments of nickel ore, and Indonesia's nickel ore to Hong Kong in succession, in April 20,250,151,515 tons of nickel imports, an increase of 47.96%, an increase of 138.98%, the month of imports of 96,295,135 tons of ferronickel, though A decrease of 10.14% over the same period of last year, but the supply side is still relatively adequate. However, due to the downstream stainless steel mills to reduce production, some steel mills to buy scrap stainless steel, the weak market demand oversupply situation has led to a series of low-nickel ferritic market since May down one after another.Requiere tubo de acabado laminado en frío de acero inoxidable soldado Erw</p>
<p>Stainless steel mills due to weaker demand, and gradually reduce or almost no low-nickel ferrous procurement plan, Zhang Pu June low nickel iron purchase price of 2450 yuan / ton. Fewer factory orders, subject to profit restrictions, the conversion of some low-nickel iron plant, low nickel-iron prices in mid-June reached the lowest annual 2,500 yuan / ton, down 500 yuan / ton more than the beginning. While the market is gradually reducing the number of low-nickel ferrous plants, it has also boosted the demand for low-nickel ferroalloy in the downstream market and the market performance has gradually recovered.Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 7*7 For Auto Cables</p>
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