What is the interface connection address of the common route

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What is the interface connection address of the common route

Postby meishengchao » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:04 am

<p> many friends use Huawei Ar1200 Router Esfp Ge Zx100 Sm1550 for the first time. I don't know the connection address of router management interface. In this case, Xiaobian specially teaches you how to find router passwords and most of the user names and passwords of routers, hoping to help you. </p>
<p> connection address management common router interface: </p>
<p>, most of the wireless router login address is</p>
<p> ordinary router with a wireless router, set the login address is different, the ordinary router login address is, and the wireless router login address is </p>
<p> two, the router's back will usually indicate your router setting address </p>
<p>. Usually the landing address is usually tagged on the back of the router. You might as well take the router to find it and take a closer look. Some tags record the serial number of the router, and also give your router's landing address and user name password. If there is no </p>
<p> router, then read instructions. </p>
<p> three, most of the router's landing address is the majority of</p>
<p>'s mainstream brand routers. It is a New Cisco Systems L Asa5505 10 50 Asa 5505 10 To 50 User Upgrade Firewall Security License without wireless function, and the default landing address is </p>
<p> different brands of routers and wireless routers set the login address is different, but generally between and Method of </p>
<p> router into the management interface: </p>
<p>, connect to a wireless router </p>
<p> 1, telephone line: users need to prepare for the 2 cable, a cable used to connect ADSL Modem (broadband modem) and WAN interface router; another cable used to connect the computer and router LAN interface (1/2/3/4 to an arbitrary can). </p>
<p> 2 and optical fiber Internet: users need to prepare 2 wires, one of which is used to connect WAN interface between light cat and router, and another network cable to connect LAN interface between computer and router (any one of 1/2/3/4 can). </p>
<p>, 3 home Internet users need to prepare cable: 1 cable, the cable broadband operators to provide home plug in the WAN interface of the router, then this cable ready, a head connected to the computer, the other end is connected with the router's LAN interface (any 1/2/3/4 in a can). </p>
<p> is aware of the problem </p>
<p> (1). After connecting the router according to the way of appeal, the computer is temporarily unable to access the Internet. When the router set up the Internet successfully, the computer can automatically access the Internet. </p>
<p> (2), many novice users have doubts, such a connection can not access the computer, how to set up the router? What to say here: set up the router when the computer does not need access to the Internet, as long as the computer is connected to the router 1, 2, 3, 4 in any one computer can. Enter the router interface settings, set the router network. This involves the principle of LAN communication, do not ask why, according to the tutorial operation can be. </p>
<p> (3), in addition, please ensure that it is used to connect the computer router. The Mini 3G 4G Wifi Router H0Thm Wireless Wifi Repeater For Sale cable can be used normally. If there is a problem with the network cable, it may lead to unable to login to the setup interface or set up the Internet. </p>
<p> two, set up the computer IP address </p>
<p> before logging on to the wireless router setup interface, we need to set the IP address in the local connection (Ethernet) of the computer to automatically acquire (dynamic IP), as shown in the following figure. In general, the IP address in the computer is automatically acquired by default, but it is still recommended to check it. </p>
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