Main process of grinding mill production line

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Main process of grinding mill production line

Postby meishengchao » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:13 am

The main process of grinding mill production line: the material is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator after the crushing of the jaw crusher, and the electromagnetic vibration feeder can deliver the material evenly and continuously to the main engine for grinding. After grinding, the powder is blown to the separator for sorting.
After sorting, the material is sent to the storage bin by pipeline, and then the output valve output is finished product. The air pressure is negative in the whole production line. First, the air that the blower blows out is accompanied by the powder material through the pipe into the cyclone collector at the top of the storage bin, which is returned to the blower by the return air duct to form the air circulation utilization.Tools industry bench1700 muffle furnace
Secondly, the powder concentrator is equipped with a lock powder, which is used to separate the external positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the collector, which greatly increases the output. Again, the bottom of the host air through pipes are sent to cloth bag dust collector and dust filter, dust and other sundry onto the bag dust collector, after purification of air emissions to the outside world, effectively protect the environment.
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