Taoist incense burner

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Taoist incense burner

Postby meishengchao » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:29 am

The role of incense burner, I believe no more analytical, is filled with incense sticks, for daily dedication to the gods. In fact, the incense burner is also divided into two categories, one is made of porcelain censer, the other is made of bronze incense burner, the role of the two slightly different, the following brief
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The envy of porcelain, because it is a native products, is more suitable for communication with the world can be dedicated to the deity of the gods, such as for ancestors or land, landlords and other god of wealth, should use porcelain censer, this kind of stove is not suitable for worship heaven Gods. Heaven and the world should be clearly divided, because heaven is God, Buddha, is the supreme power. However, the dedication to the world is shameless, and can not be mixed with the divine deity Heavenly, two "incense from sincerity, smoke from the letter. A sincere pass cents sector, all really Yaochang. "
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"Clouds filled, vacated, to support the upper bound Yunzhen high real, Yue Yue Ling in the community, under the water sector immortality officer and other three gods. "
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