Baiji gold copper incense burner

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Baiji gold copper incense burner

Postby meishengchao » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:00 am

Baiji gold bronze incense burner for the country No. 287 South Korea's national treasure. Now collected in the National Museum of Korea Fuyu.
Baiji gold copper incense censer is a cultural heritage on behalf of Baekje, it is the use of superb metal technology and profound artistic skills produced masterpiece. 1993 unearthed in Baekje royal temple - fuyu mountain temple ruins, presumably, the censer may be used for the ceremony of the royal ceremonial Ming device.
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Gold and copper censer by the incense burner cover, shaft, base composition. Phoenix is ??carved on the top of the incense burner and five musicians are playing the instruments below. The 74 peaks are carved with trees, rocks, streams and waterfalls, and 42 animals such as tigers, deer, elephants and monkeys and 6 species of plants and 12 animals are carved. A total of 12 holes, the top of the chest on the Phoenix there are two, around the peak of 10, lit incense, the smoke rises like haze. Incense bowl, which is engraved on the shaft body budding lotus and petals between two people and the wings of fish, birds and other 27 animals. Carved on the base of a curved neck bend, soaring dragon dance. Incense burner cover the earth, the furnace and the base meaning of water, the basic idea of ??yin and yang from the principle.
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Reflecting the fairy, lotus and other Taoist and Buddhist characteristics of the bronze incense censer can be said that the spirit of Baiji people and art world collection.
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