The characteristics of the electric furnace

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The characteristics of the electric furnace

Postby meishengchao » Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:45 am

The electric furnace is mainly used in the medium frequency melting furnace lining, and belongs to the special tool for the lining of the furnace.Factory Supply Wolfram Tungsten Rods For Vacuum Furnace
The electric furnace is composed of a vibrating machine and a furnace tool. The furnace tools include the bottom vibrating plate, the furnace wall vibrating plate, the tamping fork and the flat shovel.
According to the vibration force generated by the eccentric wheel driven by the motor, the electric furnace building machine transfers the vibration force to the sand material through the lining vibration plate and the vibrating plate of the furnace wall, compressing the sand material and discharging the air in the sand, so as to achieve a high filling density between the sand and the sand material.China Oil Hand Pump
The electric furnace machine adopts a low power three phase vibration motor, the vibration frequency is 2900 turn / part, and the frequency is 50HZ. Vibration force 1000-2000N, at least 0.3~0.5MPa pressure; in order to make the workers easy to operate, the motor is required to use the aluminum alloy shell, the weight is lighter. In order to make the lining of the knot stronger and durable. And it is not only able to move up and down, but also to do local rotation, bias and other movements in the furnace.metal plating equipment
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