What mill does water slag process use?

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What mill does water slag process use?

Postby meishengchao » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:29 am

The water slag is the product of rapid cooling of the high slag of molten iron in the water, and also called blast furnace water quenching slag. It is used to produce cement and concrete in building materials.<a href='http://vacuumfurnaceproducts.com/vacuum-furnace/1540.html'>automatic firing and temperature control systerm Hardening Box Furnace</a>
Water slag powder in cement industry is also called ore powder, is high quality cement raw materials; At the same time, water slag powder is a new type of high performance concrete admixture, improve the concrete compressive strength, tensile, shear and flexural performance, the advantages of using water slag powder can be made into slag, slag cement and slag concrete brick. There are many steel mills in hebei province, and the corresponding water residue is also more. So, what is the grinding mechanism of the water slag to make the water slag powder?Industrial furnace ovens lab heating equipments heating treatment electric muffle furnace
The high pressure water slag pulverizer adopts a reasonable and reliable three-dimensional structure, which covers a small area and a complete set of properties. It is expected that the powder of the finished product will become a production system independently. With advanced technological process, drying, grinding, powder, ascend into an organic whole, finished product FenZi uniform fineness, sieve rate can reach more than 99%, especially in large grinding process, fully meet customer demand.
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