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Eric Fisher Chiefs Jersey

Postby zhangwlruna » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:01 am

If Apple can et the market demand Jamaal Charles Chiefs Jersey , production was deliberately suppressed in order to hieve the purpose of creating a market hungry, administrative authorities can be punied. Unilever has been imposed as 200 million fine. Intentionally causing ortages of basic business ethics is a violation of the behavior of the market

Yesterday, Apple’s flagip store in Beijing, “beating” Although the incident has been temporarily subsided, but the long-term follow Apple’s “hungry marketing” be questioned, the industry, told reporters that such a sales strategy in the fe of consurs to keep calm, do not blindly follow suit.

Fight into the rumors?

Yesterday afternoon, reporters rued to the Chaoyang District in Beijing Sanlitun Apple flagip store, the store has been restored calm, but the reporter noted Jah Reid Chiefs Jersey , experienced a “fight” incident Apple’s flagip store has strengthened security asures, and even staff in the tight-lipped interview, saying the previous fights was “hearsay.”

By “fighting” events, the flagip Apple store yesterday and the day did not iPad 2 starter “overcrowded”, the reporter saw many people are on probation, but no “panic buying” scenes, although the white version has now been sold iPad 2 exhausted, but there are still many blk version put on the counter.

Wearing blue overalls, a store of Apple staff said noon iPad2 white version has been bought over. When asked from the afternoon of May 7 beating incident of foreign employees, the staff mber said that a rumor, ridicule he said J'Marcus Webb Chiefs Jersey , “Today’s news in addition to weather, the number of news is really ah.”

He told reporters, “really took ple yesterday afternoon, the glass door was smaed in the situation. However, due to fire and other ftors, to filitate escape, the texture of the glass doors ould be breakable. The beating incident was misrepresented.”

And the venue to do a clean aunt for a door that is left of the smaed ring, then said to be in the right side of the door, muttered vague. At the press when talking with the aunt wore a blk suit next to the three journalists and sweeping security staring aunt.

The afternoon of May 7, Sanlitun Apple Store with a foreign man who queued limbs conflict, resulting in four people were injured Husain Abdullah Chiefs Jersey , a broken op, op from 3 o’clock to suspend business. So dia reported that foreign n hit the Apple store employees, the o sides have agreed on pensation matters.

Aording to security, yesterday before the conflict, the ranks of “cattle” jump the queue on-site serious, “do not play by the rules” discouraged workers is not valid, the areholders of John (sound) angry, and “cattle,” ourrence of physical conflict. But as of yesterday, Apple has not issued any statent on the matter.

Assistant Deputy Secretary-General of China Consur Association before Tiger Wang told “International Finance,” an interview that if the public security authority has determined that the beaten man was not cattle Frankie Hammond Chiefs Jersey , it is normal buyers, Apple employees have to bear legal responsibility. Because consurs have the right to human dignity is not promised. Consurs can demand an apology, the pany’s employees must apologize. If employees do not apologize, that Apple has all the responsibility onto the employee is unreasonable.

Calm “hungry marketing”

Although the authorities as of yesterday for the Apple “beat” event the results do not clear, but in this case we have to take on Apple’s “hungry marketing” to reflect the fe of a product, we really need this win, “badly beaten”?

“China is too much to fe the consur.” Before Tiger Wang also analyzed, and if Apple can et the market demand, production was deliberately suppressed in order to hieve the purpose of creating a market hungry, administrative authorities can be punied. Unilever has been imposed as 200 million fine. Intentionally causing ortages of basic business ethics is a violation of the behavior of the market.

“As consurs to be calm, do not blindly follow the trend Frank Zombo Chiefs Jersey , do not have to buy.” Hu said before the king.

In ft, Apple’s products are eh release a “critical field” on the one hand that Apple’s product design, cost-effective, but the other major new release of Apple every ti before they create a “hunger” a false impression to attrt consurs flock.

In marketing, the so-called “hungry marketing” refers to the modity provider intends to reduce production in order to hieve control of supply and demand, create demand, “false” to maintain the higher modity prices and profit margins purposes. By regulating the supply and demand of hungry marketing is to influence the amount of the terminal ends of the price, to increase the goal.

On the surfe, hungry marketing operation is very simple, set a box office applauded the surprise price, to lure potential consurs Eric Fisher Chiefs Jersey , and limit ipnts, resulting in a ortage of hot illusion to raise prices and earn higher profits . But here one must also understand that the ultimate effect of hunger not only for marketing to increase the price, but also to have high brand value, so as to establi high-value brand image.

Apple iPad2 Tablet PC at 8:00 on May 6 in the country officially on sale, Apple official website of China’s online store, retail stores and authorized dealer channels simultaneously on sale. 10 am and was logged in the Apple official website, the official website of the iPad2 had been sold out, its online store in iPad2 page has own “no supply” can not be under a single purchase, Apple’s official website iPad2 sold less t We all know youngs.
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