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Flyers Ivan Provorov Jersey

Postby Yunxiaocuo » Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:04 am

Though it didnt receive anywhere near the media attention of Fedor Emelianenkos rejection of the UFC for Strikeforce Flyers Matt Read Jersey , MMA experts were impressed with the announcement that the San Jose, California based promotion had signed Brazilian middleweight Ronaldo Jacare Souza to a multifight contract. He is expected to make his Strikeforce debut on the same October event as Emelianenko, which will be broadcast on the Showtime premium cable network.

In a statement released by the promotion, Souza expressed his pleasure at the signing:

I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to fight in STRIKEFORCE amongst many of the worlds best middleweight fighters. STRIKEFORCE has an extremely deep roster of top middleweight fighters. I am looking forward to the challenge and to taking my career to the next level.

Souza is better known in Japan simply as Ronaldo Jacare. He got the nickname in his hometown of Manaus, Brazil”its Portuguese for a species of alligator that is common to the area.

Hes also considered one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the sport. He was a runner up in the 2008 DREAM Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament, losing in the finals to Gegard Mousasi. Jacare was in control of the fight until he got caught by a Mousasi upkick that knocked him unconscious. Hes tentatively slated to face Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller again at DREAM 11 in October, though that hasnt been addressed either by Strikeforce or DREAM parents FEG. With the two promotions recently agreeing to a working relationship that includes a talent exchange Flyers Mark Streit Jersey , theres a possibility the matchup could be contested on the October Strikeforce event.

Souza began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 17 and fought MMA legend Randy The Natural Couture to a draw in a grappling contest in 2006. Shortly thereafter he began training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. He has since returned to training in his homeland but will reportedly begin training with Couture again in the near future.

MMA fans are already anticipating several excellent potential matchups for Jacare in Strikeforce, including an almost inevitable showdown with another of the worlds top middleweights, Jake Shields. Also of great interest would be a catchweight matchup between Souza and Shields Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu teammate, Nick Diaz.

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance sports writer and respected authority on sports betting odds comparison. He writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and betting odds portal sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

The True Measure of Leadership is Influence Nothing More, Nothing Less

If you dont have influence, you will never be able to lead others. So how
do you measure influence?

The Emergence of a Leader

You have achieved excellence as a leader when people will follow you
everywhere if only out of curiosity. Colin Powell

Leadership is Not

People have so many misconceptions about leadership. When they
hear that someone has an impressive title or an assigned leadership
position, they assume that he is a leader. Sometimes thats true. But
titles dont have much value when it comes to leading. True leadership
cannot be awarded Flyers Luke Schenn Jersey , appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence,
and that cant be mandated. It must be earned. The only thing a title can
buy is a little time either to increase your level of influence with others or
to erase it.

Five Myths about Leadership

1. The Management Myth - A widespread misunderstanding is that leading
and managing are one and the same. Up until a few years ago, books that
claimed to be on leadership were often really about management. The main
difference between the two is that leadership is about influencing people to
follow, while management focuses on maintaining systems and processes.

2. The Entrepreneur Myth - Frequently, people assume that all salespeople
and entrepreneurs are leaders. But thats not always the case.

3. The Knowledge Myth - Sir Francis Bacon said, Knowledge is power.
Most people Flyers Kimmo Timonen Jersey , believing power is the essence of leadership, naturally assume
that those who possess knowledge and intelligence are leaders. But that isnt
automatically true.

IQ does not necessarily equate to leadership.

4. The Pioneer Myth - Another misconception is that anyone who is out front
of the crowd is a leader. But being first isnt always the same as leading.

To be a leader, a person has to not only be out front. But also have people
intentionally coming behind him, following his lead, and acting on his vision.

5. The Position Myth - The greatest misunderstanding about leadership is that
people think it is based on position, but its not. Stanley Huffty affirmed, Its
not the position that makes the leader Flyers Jakub Voracek Jersey , its the leader that makes the position.

Leadership Is

Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.

Leadership without Leverage

Positional leadership doesnt work in volunteer organizations. Because a
leader doesnt have leverage or influence he is ineffective. In other
organizations, the person who has position has incredible leverage.

Here is my favorite leadership proverb: He who thinks he leads, but has
no followers, is only taking a walk. If you cant influence others, they wont
follow you. And if they wont follow, youre not a leader. Thats the Law of Influence.
No matter what anybody else tells you Flyers Ivan Provorov Jersey , remember that l.
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