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Use The One Bun Memory Training To Boost Your Memory Recall July 18 , 2013 | Author: Lachlan Haynes | Posted in Education
The “One-Bun” method of memory recall is one of the most widely used memory techniques and is based on the first pillar of memory – association. However, it also includes the use of what are known as “peg images” – which are images you use to help you recall an association you have created. Confused? You needn’t be. Let’s look at how this works.

The one-bun method uses mnemonics by associating a number (one, two , three etc) and the second word (the peg image) with what you want to memorize. The most commonly used numbers and pegs are as follows: one- bun, two-shoe, three-tree, four-door, five-hive, six-sticks , seven-heaven, eight-gate, nine-vine and ten-hen.

Don’t be concerned if you must remember more than items (most people would!) You can use this method to recall as many items as you need as long as you can continue to count and continue to think of peg items. Also, it is important to note that it is advised that you make the peg images something you find very easy to remember because if you forget them then you will forget everything!

Let’s assume that (for the sake of this activity) you need to remember ten presidents of the United States. The names you are required to remember are Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson , George Washington, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. By using the one-bun method we can easily recall three of these names by associating the names of the presidents with an image.

The Five-Hive Association. Imagine Bob Marley, the King of Reggae music, with a beehive stuck on his head running all around trying to get it off. “Reggae” sounds very similar to Reagan.

The Six-Sticks Association. When you think of sticks you also think of wood. This will remind you of Woodrow Wilson.

The Three-Tree Association. Imagine a bomb is planted in a tree and it explodes and tree branches go flying everywhere. Bomb rhymes with Tom, which will help remind you of Thomas Jefferson.

Each idea was associated with an image. And each image represented something out of the ordinary that we attempted to make very vivid and memorable. Remember, when doing associations, the stranger the image the easier it will be to memorize and recall.

It is important to understand that the pen images are used every time you use this method. So you always use one-bun, two-shoe , three-tree and so on. You do not change the peg images. It is the secondary images and stories that must change. Good luck!

Read the full memory training article here: Memory Training | Study Smart. is the premier resource for learning new study skills, transforming your study habits and finding the best study tips available. We will help change the way you think about study – and even better – we will show you how to study effectively: How To Study Effectively | Studying Tips

Why Use an Auto Sub Woofer?

Why must you have an automobile bass speaker or subwoofer? Initial you have to read what an example may well be. Nicely a brand new subwoofer is really a speaker which is powered merely by an amplifier updated in to in addition to plays back once more low-frequency sound or maybe bass. Subwoofers create low-frequency sounds and also contain men and women low notes that are missing out on from the majority of car stereo systems. They are tremendously applied in your streetcar-tuning scene; many vehicles out there have huge I.D.E (All through Vehicle Enjoyment) installs. There is truly even a complete range of music designed to drive subwoofers with their limits and present them a comprehensive workout. The genre is called “the bass track”.

The Lots of Types Of Automobile Subwoofer:

Subs are either unaggressive or operated, using the unaggressive systems attracting power off the car’s head device, and also the operated systems give an independent powerline connected to them, generally proper off the battery. Car speakers are mounted in packing containers and put in the boots in addition to trunk inside the vehicle, or in other places for example the automobiles lot shelf or the space beneath the car’s backed window. Auto speakers also fluctuate significantly in space, on average via 6.Some inches entirely as much as 58 inches in the crazy monster subwoofer class. You will discover lots of inexpensive subwoofers which are out there, on the other hand the car subwoofer is of a high finish item, so buy the best you really can afford.

A Typical Car Subwoofer Startup:

The auto bass speaker is attached in a package made of MDF usually , though some of them come in tubes, known as largemouth bass tubes. Usually they’re connected to a single route amplifier set with a low crossover to deliver the bass tones. Independent amplification is needed, due to the fact the quantity of electrical power subwoofers will need, may be lots of for the car’s standard audio equipment. Given that the vehicle subwoofer is usually mounted inside a box, they are in a position to take up a lot of room. In order to fit any subwoofer you must be prepared to give up a substantial quantity of region as a way to property this specialised item. Nevertheless, you can find programs today in which place the automobile subwoofer and unused spaces and crannies of the car, they are specially developed pod’s in case you like and could be identified for the majority of well-known assists make of auto.

Receiving A Bass speaker Of your Own:

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