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Postby wallaces » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:52 am

My family and I just joined a summer bowling league. We're not good bowlers Cheap Christian Fuchs Jersey , have never really done much bowling at all actually, but we were looking for something we could do with our teenage children that would be fun for all of us, would create more "family time", and would be affordable. On the suggestion of a few friends, bowling was the answer to our "affordable family fun" that we had been searching for.

In preparation for this family adventure I've discovered a few small things.

1. If you have more than one child, bowling is not the "affordable family fun time" many think it is. Last night was our second time out and after buying dinner at a local restaurant and then bowling ( 3 games each for 6 people ) we spent well over $150.00 !!

2. Rental shoes and balls are just downright GROSS ! We tried using the rentals the first night bowling and soon discovered it was not for us. Sooooo, we ventured out the following day to procure our own equipment for this new undertaking. 6 pair of bowling shoes, 6 bowling balls, and 6 bowling bags later, we were looking at macaroni and cheese for dinner for the next month, this new adventure cost us approximately $600.00 to outfit the entire family.

3. Having your own personal shoes and ball will not instantly make you a good bowler. I know this for a fact, I still have trouble scoring over 100 points per game. I'm hoping this will improve in time however.

4. Having health insurance is a good idea if you have children that are clumsy, one sprained ankle later, we're now hoping the teenager recovers in time to start the league bowling in 3 weeks.

5. Teenagers will eagerly partake in this family venture as long as you promise to supply them with a constant stream of soda Cheap Ben Chilwell Jersey , soft pretzels, pizza slices, and jukebox money while bowling. ( Add on an additional $15.00 per kid, per bowling night, in food and drink expense in addition to the weekly $13.00 league fees )

6. Keep a good supply of ibuprofen in your bowling bag or pocket book. Organizing an entire family to get to the bowling alley on time is definitely enough to give even the most resilient person a headache of astronomical proportions. Even if you survive the organizing and do manage to get everyone out the door on time, you will want the ibuprofen for joint aches, muscle aches, and other such problems caused from swinging a 10 to 15 pound ball around all evening long.

7. Your teenagers will laugh and point at you when you slip and fall, sending your bowling ball sailing 5 lanes over to the left. They will laugh even harder if you injure yourself in that fall.

8. The most important thing I've discovered during this adventure is that time with my family is priceless. No matter the expenses, no matter the headaches and muscle aches, the enjoyment of doing something as a family in this day and age of "everyone goes their own way and does their own thing" is fantastic. I would happily do it all again this winter for a winter league...maybe.
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