nike roshe run nederland goedkoop her family

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nike roshe run nederland goedkoop her family

Postby Yunxiaocuo » Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:13 am

vehicle New Year's Eve blast in one death and three injuries detection process Guan Zhuangcun villagers said they West and East Village nike roshe run slip on nederland , two Baozi, the vast majority of people are surnamed Zhang Nike Free run 2 men, Zhang Long Plain Baozi first home in the West. Explosion that night, there is familiar with the village factory was founded more than a million possessions the scene after the explosion there are five sets of unexploded devices transfer to see the hospital through surveillance video police found the victim after the incident very embarrassed abjection, they face charred, the flesh and blood and even muscle eversion fuzzy, there are the suspect or the bombing of broken tops, or pants blown. present, the per capita crime of the three suspects arrested for bombings, murders, armed, kidnapping XingJu. Long Ping Zhang's ex-wife and daughter on suspicion of harboring XingJu. 30 civilian police seven days Qinxiong According to police, said New Year's Day 11 pm, police in the Hu County arrested the suspect Wang Chenguang. niece had just finished wiping drug uncle turned to flee suspects: no regrets. (Without hesitation nike roshe run slip on kopen , loud and clear voice.) Uneconomical. A life for a life just arrived. dialogue suspects arrested before in the hospital for surgery until late at night, the police finally explosive devices in the 1.5 kilograms of explosives poured out, the danger removed. police under the due to conflicts with the village cadres, 51-year-old Zhang Long flat sale factory, housing, purchase a firearm mens Nike Free run 2, ammunition, detonators and home-made explosives, in a dozen New Year's Eve is ready to hatred of revenge, because after accidentally killing a man detonated explosives, including Long Zhang Ping, including three suspects were injured. Yesterday, Xi'an, informed the police on February 2 New Year's Eve in New Feng Wei Guan Zhuangcun Doumen Subdistrict of detection of this vicious bombing case. suspect injury emergency ward Tushen interrupt villagers say after the incident nike roshe run print floral , the task force police devote 30 cases detected. Yesterday, the Xi'an Public Security Bureau deputy director Sun Pingyun high-tech branch, said after the incident, he led police to the scene. Night, police found an explosive device the scene there, then immediately evacuated people. The scene without lights, the police command vehicle issued only by the light of the investigation site. visited police investigation that night, after the incident, the same village in Xianyang work from home just a man, after seeing the scene 3 people injured to a hospital to the west. The injury emergency, Tushen had to interrupt. night of the murder, police arrested Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, one of the suspects Huxian man Shao-Bo Wang. According to Shao-Bo Wang explained that he met Zhang and Wang Chenguang Long Ping, Zhang 1000 yuan per month pocket money to the two nike roshe run floral nederland , so follow him mixed. The evening of February 2, Zhang Long Ping ready small caliber rifles, explosives, explosive devices, knives, chains, locks the child, crossbows and other tools of crime and vehicle, with two to Guan Zhuangcun villagers find a contradiction. Into the Zhang family, Zhang Ping Long shot to leg injuries, and neck with chains wrapped Zhang, strong one way or another car, because Zhang resistance, three knife to kill. 2 3 night 11 nike roshe run flyknit kopen , the suspect arrested Wang Chenguang in Hu County. February 4, Xi'an Public Security Bureau issued Circular for Assistance to the city, on February 5, the provincial Public Security Department issued a Circular for Assistance to the province and Long Ping Zhang suspects the Ministry of Public Security (B grade) warrant. 2 8 12 noon, the police will lock Zhang Long parallel to the track and arrested him. fierce battle after seven days and nights, at 12:00 on February 8, the panel in the provincial public security department and the police with the assistance of Hanzhong, mainly in Ningqiang County to Long Ping Zhang suspects arrested. ball mixed with home-made explosives, nails yesterday, according to police, the night of the murder suspects, Long Ping Zhang has prepared a 13 chains and 13 to lock the child in the misuse of explosive devices before they plan to revenge the next target, each of the chain corresponds to an enemy. high-tech branch of Interpol police deputy brigade built mountain peak that night of the murder, the police arrived weeks after the Zhang family from Long Ping ex-wife nike roshe run nederland goedkoop , her family fled. the county hospital's niece, in the hostels, the niece to Long Ping Zhang has cast a wound ointment. The niece is wash your hands after wiping cream, Zhang Long Ping Hostel escape from this. The next day, the family fled to Hanzhong. kill Zhang, the trio once again find the target village. In the meantime, Long Ping Zhang mistake in the car which triggered an explosive device, causing the explosion caused damage to vehicles and three wounded fled. 2 evening of 2 9, Subdistrict Xian Feng Wei Guan Zhuangcun Doumen District East out of the village road, a gray station wagon a sudden explosion, serious damage to the vehicle, the car found a male body, witnesses said, and another three people were injured nike free 5.0 v4 dames , was rushed to hospital. Alarm, the Public Security Bureau police high-tech scene. Xi'an Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Du Hangwei indicate detection limit. Governor Zhao, Deputy Governor of Lou, the provincial Public Security Department Director Wang Rui etc instructions to fully solve the case. Police set up a night of the murder, the bombing of Zhang Long flat left arm fracture, after they fled to Hanzhong City, underwent surgery in hospital two days lat
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