Feedback about Runaway (2): Dream of the Turtle

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Feedback about Runaway (2): Dream of the Turtle

Postby Avid Gamer » Sat Mar 24, 2007 7:46 pm

Feedback Runaway (2): Dream of the Turtle

It didn’t look like there is a thread dedicated to feedback about Runaway (2): Dream of the Turtle. Add your likes, dislikes, and recommendations here and perhaps Pendulous, Focus Home Interactive, CDV, Anaconda, or someone else associated with the game will use the information to better create, produce, and distribute adventure games in the future (including the rumored Runaway 3).

(Warning: may include spoilers for people who have not finished the game)

Disappointing ending
Not enough clues provided to direct the player(s) on puzzles.
Areas of interest hidden on screen

Attractive visuals
Entertaining characters and storylines
Enjoyable game play

Expanded negative comments:
Unfinished: The ending feels unfinished, and is disappointing with what seems to be little reward for the time and effort the player has put into the game. (This seems to be a general consensus among players who have finished the game and provided feedback). Many players felt like we missed something that would lead to more scenes or a better ending.

Clues: More clues needed to be given to the player on what, where, and how to deal with particular puzzles. Some examples: wine/time/fork puzzle, spark plug. How is the player supposed to know to use the wine on the exit to the cabins? (The rest of that puzzle and putting the necessary items together to make the fork wasn’t very intuitive either). When looking for the spark plug we are told there is a snowmobile south of professor Simons house, and there is a weather device on the porch of Ben’s cabin. Both seemed like more likely places to get the spark plug than the chainsaw.

Hidden spots: Many items, areas of interest, and exits are hidden in the screen and difficult to locate. I had a difficult time locating: The lever in the plane to open the nose compartment, the window seal on the deck of the pirate ship, the path to Rudger on the ship, the path to Ben’s cabin, seeing the elevator on the wall of the ship, the path to the graveyard near the witchdoctor hut, area to O’Conner behind the visitor center.

There are a few red herrings in the game that seem to point away from solutions to puzzles. We are told the photo booth area may not have power because it is “not plugged in” which may lead the player to search for a power cord near the photo booth instead of search for a room with the power breaker for areas on the island. The magnifying glass and the sunspots were misleading where it was not clear the magnifying glass should be attached to something and propped in the ground.

Expanded positive comments:
Excellent visuals: modeling, rendering, animating, cut scenes were all very well done.
Entertaining dialogue and jokes: The conversations were interesting, and many of the jokes (verbal, situational, and visual) were amusing.
Well-developed characters: The characters were well developed with backgrounds, personalities, and motivations.

Make sure clues are provided for each puzzle
Add a hot key feature to show exits and/or areas of interest (example: holding down the shift key would show all of the exits from the screen, and highlight objects that can be examined/used on the screen).

Other thoughts and opinions:
I enjoyed the music in Runaway: A Road Adventure much more than the music in Runaway: Dream of the Turtle. For any future game(s) I would recommend going with the rock/fast-paced music (Road Adventure, Full Throttle, etc) instead of the boy band/slow paced music (Dream of the Turtle).

To the producers:
The game didn’t seem to be very well hyped or marketed (with advertising/promotions) in the US. If I hadn’t followed the making of the game over the last few years I wouldn’t have known about its release.

To the distributors:
The game was hard to find, and not widely available when it was released in the US. Most of the retailers didn’t receive it until over a week after its launch date, and many didn’t know what it was, when (or if) they would receive it, and didn’t seem overly concerned about marketing or selling the game.

Additional feedback on the game:
SirEken also added his thoughts on the game here: ... 584127c325

Other player’s feelings about the game: ... 584127c325 ... 584127c325 ... 584127c325 ... 584127c325 ... 584127c325 ... 584127c325
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Postby Afroman » Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:17 pm

I find the use of mysteries like The CIA², aliens and the AMEBA really great because it took the game to a new level. I was really pleased to see the glass cube disappear on the ameba by inserting the card and things like that. I don't agree about the music. I think it's great, especially Le Spleen by Vera and Runaway by RYK-C, also positive is the variation of the soundtrack (Gina Cae, Avion Se Estrella, Escena Dormit).

I hope Runaway 3 will answer all the questions left behind at the end of this one.

I really enjoyed playing this game.
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Re: Feedback about Runaway (2): Dream of the Turtle

Postby veddhartha » Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:50 am

Avid Gamer wrote:When looking for the spark plug we are told there is a snowmobile south of professor Simons house, and there is a weather device on the porch of Ben’s cabin. Both seemed like more likely places to get the spark plug than the chainsaw.

I belive you are actually told the first time you look at the chainsaw something like "It got spark plugs but no fuel". But when i solved the other tasks and got to the point where i needed it I had a real hard time remember where i heard that phrase. So your point is definitely valid.
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Postby cekko » Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:33 am

ppls runaway 2 is a great game!
no need to simplify it,clues were enought to keep up the challange and i never asked me "now what i suppose to do?" (like happened in runaway 1 >_>) adventure games u have to pay attention to screens and dialogues,nothing to complain about work of pendulo studios team!And if sometimes i get stucked,clues system helped me without ruining the game story!
Only two negative thigs:
-the end (move and do runaway 3 faaasssst!!!!)
-play runaway 3 a bit more long! :P

however great work! :wink:
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Postby Rtas09 » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:47 am

arggh i have a mac lols but i was wondering if i can get it on mac? cause i really cbf waiting for leopard to come out on mac to play pc games..i want RUNAWAY 2 NOW!!! lols...

yours truly, Rtas09
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My view

Postby netstrider » Fri Nov 09, 2007 12:01 pm

Hi, I just finished Runaway 2 and would like to give you some feedback.

Positive side:
Gameplay experience

Negative side:
last 1/3 of the game

About what I liked in the game:
-graphics are awesome. Replaying those long animations in chapter 5 was a boring show-off, but apart from it, I liked the animation. What I didn't like is too much stuffing of the old characters in the chapter 6 which shows that someone only brought fuzzy confusion in, which I believe most people didn't find too appealing, too.
-Storyline is awsome, except for the chapter 6 in which it is boring, non-intuitive, and doesn't tell much. Many storylines that go on the card of a dream are much more original than this one, a top of it all, the ending with O'Connor is again, a show-off with graphics and doesn't tell much to the player of a game.
-I liked it, since some new things were added.
-Music is very good. Not many adventure games have it soo good. Only problem, imho it's not as good as in Runaway 1. And when you're making a sequel it would loose it's public if it's consequently worse.

Now what I didn't like:
The game has been in production for 5 years. It is enough to either end the game at chapter 4 (I liked it to that part), or finish it decently. Why am I saying it?
(above things have to do with chapters 5 and 6)
-Last two chapters were buggy.
-Puzzles were made on a run, not much intuitive, a bit stupid somewhere, concentrating only to lengthen "gaming time" (you have to walk all around the ship only to have some dialogue available or some obvious use of a tool), which is lame. You are here because of the players, not your budget (altough lameness mostly shows a lack of budget, when some good guys leave the show)
-Dialogues/monologues aren't as fun as in previous chapters.
-Why didn't anyone stop Joshua from braking the ship apart? (it wasn't fun, it was stupid, and that noise he made up there bores people)
-Ending of the game was ok (altough chopper looks bigger than a ship, even more so, Runaway 3 may be about Simon escaping Alaska something like Jason Bourne does it), altough I agree it should end there.

What I didn't like overall:
-we adventure gamers need inventory, we like inventory. It makes games much more fun, much more enjoyable. We don't have to use all the items we gather. Instead of filling his pockets, to the full extent, Briant tossed them from chapter to chapter. If someone cares about realistics of it, Little Demon in Brian pants in chap. 1 surely stood there during the ending animation scene (crossing the bridge). Example of this, most among the best adventure games have great, extensive inventories, with more than few ways to use those items. There are only few games that are good despite of not having the inventory. Broken Sword 1 and 2 (later they just suck, imho), and Sanitarium (altough inventory there is just ok). And there are many games average player never heard of them just because of awful inventory (which is not the only reason. Most people never played Orion burger which has good inv).

-I like the idea of logical availability of the option after Brian figures it out (it's taken from the japaneese adv. games), but it's sometimes too stupidly used. Why wouldn't he enter the cabin, or look through the window inside. It's a kid, not the black hole. But, you should've used this thing more times. For example, I didn't like the thing you didn't have the option to examine and manipulate objects in the inventory. On a closer lookup of a chainsaw it would be logical that you can examine 5 parts of it.

-I miss hard logical puzzles like putting the battery in liquid nitrogen in Runaway 1 (one of the biggest reasons I so much enjoy the game - puzzles that are unique in the adventure gaming genre, altough much games could've used the same idea)

-I miss new characters. These are the same as in R1. Few bad guys, a stupid guard, a lunatic scientist, few (same) friends. Only addition is monkey that sleeps only when game developer didn't need deus ex machina.

-Googles in chapter 1 were almost invisible (I didn't have problem with identifying anything later on because after it I went pixel/screen hunting on every screen).

After it's all said and done, it's amongst the best adventure game in last few years in my opinion (and I've played a lot of them). But going in this direction might not make satisfactory sequel to the public. Players need better music, more ways to solve the same puzzle, Alpha that doesn't look like a lame alien, new characters, and it doesn't have to be this long. It's better to concentrate on the quality than quantity (even concerning the inventory and screen manipulations).
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Postby MrAdventure » Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:07 am

I totally hated the hidden objects, half the time I had to look at a walkthrough to figure things out. The biggest kick in the balls was the fact that I couldn't rescue Gina. Make a real game next time.
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