Runaway a twist of fate:getting even more excited

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Runaway a twist of fate:getting even more excited

Postby QuesT_LoveR » Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:29 am

hello :)

as most of you (the people interested in this game) know there wil be a third sequel.i recently replayed runaway 2 and got excited all over again for teh third part.and i still cannot accept that the only official (not that the inofficial was more and god knows if it's true) information we got in 2 years now was a short article months ago!!!and most of the members here have 1 or 2 posts.but thats anotehr thing.
so watching the first look video (which isn't official i think and can be found here ... annel_page) this time the whole video,which i haven't done in a while.i suppose this is Gina we are seeing,while Brian is nowhere in sight,and in the end of teh vid she looks closely in a picture.same shirt?is that our beloved hero?take a look yourself.
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Aventurier confirmé
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Postby HagbardC » Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:35 pm


I can't understand the lack of information either. Im sure Runaway3 will be a great game and as I saw in your video they also have got material that they COULD show us.

These forums are totally orphaned. No wonder - the last news have been posted months ago. This is adressed to the ones in charge: Please let us know the current status of the game since we're all waiting so hard for the third chapter of Runaway.

I think, it would only be for your good.

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Postby Kaimi_10 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:04 pm

Hi as you can tell i'm new to these forums, I found out about Runaway years ago while playing on another game called The Watchmaker, I don't really rate it, but Runaway was shown on the back cover of the manual and I'm glad i bought it coz i wouldn't have seen Runaway advertised :lol:

But I like the other 2 posts before me are disappointed by the lack of news on Runaway 3, I really like the other 2 and have been waiting for A Twist of Fate for ages, but no news, come on Pendulo get your finger out and tell us some good news.
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