Workaround for graphics performance issue

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Workaround for graphics performance issue

Postby Hoonatic » Mon Feb 11, 2008 6:43 pm

I hit the same issue as some others have posted on this forum with the performance issues on chapter 4. The chapter intro video framerate drops very low and this continues back into the game where the snow is falling, making the game unplayable.

I have managed to find a workaround to this issue to allow the game to run perfectly well so I can now continue playing the game.

I managed to eliminate the issues by forcing the game to run in a window rather than fullscreen. The only way I have found to do this is by using an application which you will need search for on Google. I will post some links in a separate message as I'm not sure about forum rules regarding this, so if the admins decide to delete the links then search for the application "D3DWindower" otherwise known as "DirectX Windower".

D3DWindower overrides game settings to force a game to run in a window. It is unfortunately in Japanese, but it is fairly simple to use and you can find a version labeled "English" which translates enough of the text in the application for you to get by with it. I don't have the Steam version of the game, so anyone else who can test this version, please post instructions of how to do this.

When you have downloaded D3DWindower (and extracted the files, if zipped) then run the executable file which should be named "D3DWindower-English.exe" or "D3DWindower.exe". DirectX Windower should open. Click on the blue plus sign (in the english version if you hover the mouse over the button it will popup with "Add program") and a file browser will open to allow you to find the main game executable file for Runaway 2. If you have trouble with this, I have the boxed retail version of the game (without the "2" on the title sleeve) and on my PC the main executable is at "C:\Program Files\PENDULO Studios\RUNAWAY - The dream of the turtle\RunawayTDOTT.exe". You can probably copy this path and paste it into the file name box (highlight the bit above between the "quotes", CTRL-C or right-click & copy, then switch to DirectX Windower and CTRL-V or right-click & paste in the empty box next to "file name").

You then need to close DirectX Windower and open it again (for some strange reason) and then you can launch Runaway by clicking on the button with the icon like a computer (the one to the left of the two yellow buttons. In the english version if you hover the mouse over the button it will popup with "Run program"). The game should start up in a window and will hopefully run at a decent framerate.

Now you can hopefully get past chapter 4, or whatever graphical issues you are experiencing with the game, try switching back to launching the game the usual way once you have made a bit of progress. If you try this solution then please leave a reply to this thread letting everyone know what problems you are having with the game and if this resolved them OR NOT! Please also post what graphics hardware you are running into problems with.

This is obviously not an ideal solution, but hopefully it will allow some of the people with graphics performance problems to carry on playing the game, or maybe someone else on the forum (or tech support) to find a better way to implement this workaround. I have only spent a little time searching, but none of the other methods that I have found for making a game play in a window have worked. These include CTRL-ENTER, modifying the shortcut by appending either -w -win -window /window -small_screen etc.
I don't really understand why running the game in a window resolves the performance issues that I ran into, but perhaps somewhere who knows a bit about game graphics can offer an explanation.
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Looking for a patch

Postby Frede » Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:40 pm

Hi guys.

I don't like installing more programs on my pc than what is absolutely neccesary.
so i would like to know if the developers are working on a patch, or should we simply just go for a refund at the retailer?
It would be a shame to quit the game, because it is really good, and you don't see many adventure games these days.

Hope to hear from the developers in this matter.
Bets regards
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Postby Hoonatic » Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:16 pm

Hi Frede

I was surprised to see the recent patches posted so I guess there may still be hope that this particular issue is patched. But it's been a long time.

I understand that you don't like installing more programs than necessary, I am exactly the same. Although I must point out that D3DWindower does not actually install, it just runs as an executable and does not create any directories or registry entries, so once deleted there is no trace it was ever there.
As for getting a refund? Well you should not really have to resort to less than ideal workarounds such as the one I suggested, so every lost sale may encourage the developers to test Runaway 3 more thoroughly before release.

It is a shame as you don't see many adventure games these days, but there may be more around than you think. Mainstream gaming sites tend to completely ignore adventure games as they cater more to the console generation, but look around and you will find the genre is definitely not dead as they would have you believe. Here are a few sites I have bookmarked at the moment that may lead you to some good adventure games you may not have otherwise found out about.

Hope you find a good adventure.
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